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The writing has been on the wall for quite some time now. But today it is official. The historic Multi User license has been replaced with the new Capture One Studio for Teams with a slightly improved feature set. But more importantly, Capture One Pro is no longer offered in a perpetual license for its biggest users. After today, any studios with more than one user (Multi-User) can no longer purchase a license that works indefinitely. The new subscription model has taken over and is now the only option for Capture One’s studio and e-comm locations.

While these kind of changes happen often in our industry they seldom occur with a price hike like this one. Inflation in the last few years has made the cost of milk, eggs, and gas rise at a rate that seems illogical. The rate of these increases seem to be much higher than what actual inflation would dictate. Well, I would take those increases in a heartbeat when compared to the new Capture One price sheets released today. I hope you are sitting down…

Last week Capture One multi-user customers could upgrade their perpetual license for $183 per seat. This option is now gone as perpetual multi user licenses have been discontinued. As an alternative, last week, a multi-user could buy a subscription for $160 per seat. This is still possible, however, after today that price has increased to $550 per seat. That is correct. Lets take a look at how this plays out:

Last week: Capture One Pro 10 Seat Multi-User Annual Subscription = $1,598

This week: Capture One Studio 10 Seat Annual Subscription = $5,500

A price increase of 344%

Here are the updates that substantiate that price increase:

AI Crop

Automatically align your reference image and create consistent crops, even while shooting, reducing your manual effort and errors.

Much faster AI

We’ve accelerated the GPU which means AI Masking now performs up to 4x faster when creating subject/background masks and 18x faster for AI selection. Also, improved feedback animation makes editing way smoother.

Tethering boost

It is now possible to optimize workflows by routing file types to specific devices during tethering with file destination selection. On top of that we’ve boosted the tethering experience for FUJIFILM and Sony cameras significantly.

And here is the comparison to a single user Capture One license

Capture Integration has always been an international leader in promoting Capture One to our customer base. We train customers and educational institutions on the product more than anyone in our field. I personally will resist using a digital camera if it can not be processed in Capture One Pro. It is absolutely the gold standard of workflow software. With that said, we also have always been an advocate for our customers and a proponent of strong customer service. This often upsets the manufacturers we work with as we do not “toe the line”.

This price increase is unprecedented and will cause some serious budget issues with the majority of our corporate customers. After speaking to a few today, they have expressed the desire to move to a competitive product themselves. We are hoping that the management of Capture One will look at this increase and see the error in this mistake. Or maybe with enough customer complaints, they will be forced to be more price competitive with their loyal and long term customers.

(As a note: Single user Capture One Pro licenses have remained the same at $299 per user with 3 computer activations available)

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