Phase One : Using Blue Ring lenses on XT and Cambo Tech Cameras

Cambo offers a WRS-M645 Lens Adapter that allows you to use Phase One Blue Ring lenses, Phase One LS lenses, and Mamiya 645 lenses on your XT and Cambo Technical bodies. This adapter requires either a Phase One IQ4 150 or IQ3 100 digital camera back that has Electronic Shutter control since you are not using […]

Employee Spotlight : Murray Elliott

What Defines You?  I’d have to say humor. Growing up, I was a chubby, shy kid that wore glasses and wasn’t very popular. However, that all changed with the help of a new buddy, nicknamed “Kuz,” pronounced [kooz]. He sat on the bench alongside me, for pretty much our entire junior football year. We were […]

Photographers Spotlight : Benjamin Benschneider

Tell me about you! I am a photographer based in beautiful Bellingham, Washington with my wife Betty Udesen, and our cat Socks. When I’m not on assignment I’m usually cycling or hiking with friends. How did you discover your love for photography, and what specifically attracted you to the architectural genre? My love for photography […]

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Medium Format Tip : How to Find Support for Your System

I am very comfortable saying that Capture Integration is the foremost expert in the world of medium format capture systems. The technical support we provide our clients is award-winning in our industry. But this also means we receive email and phone calls on a regular basis from users who purchased elsewhere.

New Inventory Reductions Everyday! CI’s 12 Deals of Christmas

LENSES TECH CAMERAS For First Time Rentals Scheduled by January 14, 2023 & Starting before March 1 2023 Schedule Today! National: 877-217-9870 | Atlanta: 404-522-7662 | Email Us DIGITAL BACKS BLUE RING LENSES UPGRADE NEW LICENSE B10X A2 LIGHT SHAPERS SIROS PULSO SCORO Lenses Bodies Phase One IQ3 100MP Achromatic Digital Back – Pre-Owned $15,990 Phase One […]

Phase One IQ4 150 Upgrade & Save Promotions

Don’t Own a Phase One, But Want to Upgrade? Give Us A Call! CONTACT YOUR CI SALESMAN! Steve Hendrix – 404.543.8475 – Chris Snipes – 813.335.2473 – Dave Gallagher – 770.846.5223 – Office – 877.217.9870 – or inquire in the form below!

Upgrade Your Fujifilm to a Phase One

Summer Promotions INTERESTED? CONTACT YOUR CI SALESMAN! Steve Hendrix – 404.543.8475 – Chris Snipes – 813.335.2473 – Dave Gallagher – 770.846.5223 – or inquire in the form below! Or Inquire Below!

Phase One Support Manual Downloads

Review our list of support manuals below and select the manual that best suits your needs.

CI Client In the News – David Agnello

CI Clients Are Front Page News. Literally! We are always delighted to see our clients doing newsworthy work, but picking up the paper to see David Agnello on the front page of the Jackson Hole Daily brings us a special type of joy. Agnello has been a client of CI for over a decade, so […]

CI Test Flashback: Phase One IQ360 vs Phase One IQ380 Long Exposure

Phase One IQ1 Series Arrives, But No Long Exposure Launched in 2011, the Phase One IQ1 series was a hit with Phase One users, discarding the tiny 2.2” low rez LCD screens and firewire 400 ports from the previous P/P+ generation for 3.2” 1.1 million dot touchscreens and USB 3 (along with an updated firewire […]

1.99% Financing on Phase One for September Only!

Hurry Up and Take Advantage of 1.99% Financing on Phase One Purchases for the Month Of September Only!

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Classic Warranty & Services Digital Back Bodies Lenses
Warranty Period 1 year 6-12 months 6-12 months
**Free repair of manufacturing defects Yes Yes Yes
Item #3 Description Shipping: $7.00
Item #4 Description Tax: $6.00
Access to online support resources Yes Yes Yes

WARNING: we strongly recommend caution and absorbing the Release Notes and our testing results before taking on a firmware update.

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