Starting Again

What business is essential? What measured and controlled opening makes sense? Are we making the right decision? Everyone around the globe is asking themselves questions that can not be adequately [...]

Save 25% on Nanlite

How do we feel about the Nanlite product line? We have never used a continuous light product that we felt could take the place of our strobes until now, and at an amazing price.   To check out [...]

From our home to yours #3

We are now on week three of #homewithCI and gave Steve Hendrix the task of creating the engagement question of the week. Steve suggested that the team illustrate what nourishes us during [...]

From Our Home to Yours

To our partners, friends, and their families, In these uncertain times, our thoughts are with you and your loved ones. You are all across the globe, in large metropolitan areas, and small rural [...]

Advice: Care

Dave does encourage personal blogs, see Brad’s blog from a few weeks ago. So, here’s one. Sort of. Monday morning. So, I’m in the office this morning and I notice Dave is not [...]

Leica SL Promotions

NEW Leica SL Promotions are here! (Note: Promotions cannot be combined)  1. Trade-In and Trade Up with Leica From now to September 30th, receive a $1500 trade in allowance if you are [...]

Fat Magic Pixie Dust

Ok, so what does this title mean? You have to ask? Well, ok then. There is a term called Fat Pixel Magic(!) that refers to legacy digital backs that had larger photosites than newer backs. These [...]