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Dave Gallagher, CEO of Capture Integration

“Capture Integration has been built on a foundation of strong ethics, education and a devout dedication to our professional relationships. Based on those ideals, we have created the strongest team of professionals in the photographic industry. Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers, not short-term fixes. The result is that Capture Integration has established an unprecedented reputation in the photographic field based on those fundamental core values.  These seem like basic ideas that, unfortunately, are missing in 99% of companies doing business in photographic retail. We integrate these principles from the top down.  In September of 2010, Capture Integration was awarded the coveted “Phase One Partner of the Year” award for the second time in our short existence. Today, we are internationally recognized as the leader in our field and are the dealer of choice by the most demanding photographers from around the world. We are very fortunate that our organization is used as the benchmark of how business should be conducted in our new digital marketplace. We appreciate you taking the time to look at our website and look forward to earning your business.”

Here is What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I have been using Capture Integration for my whole professional career, the service I have received has been invaluable. Whether it be hardware or software, anytime I run into a problem, mostly user error, someone is available to help and their knowledge base is incredible. I attribute my success to partnering with companies like them.

    David Spataro
    David Spataro Dave Spataro Photography
  • About a month and a half ago I decided to trade in my Hasselbad 60MP back, Hasselblad H4D camera body, the Alpa TC, Alpa 12-SWA for a system built around the Phase One CMOS IQ250 back. I wanted to do the move while being able to keep all my H lenses and knew beforehand that I’d have some changes to the Alpa lenses I had (all Schneider Kreuznach). I placed a call to Capture Integration and it just happened to be their CEO, Dave Gallagher, that answered. After explaining my plan to him, I was told that I would be contacted back soon. From that very first call and to several subsequent dealings with other fine folks (Dave McRitchie, Chris Valites, Anthony Festa, Josh Booth) its been an experience of its own while wading through the various logistics of extending my existing platform in an economical/sagacious manner. The approach at Capture Integration has certainly captured my admiration and respect – optimizing the system for the long term benefit of the client. Its a wake up call for many in the business on how to conduct business. Capture Integration, in my mind, is a benchmark. Truly, a very special and unique dynamic is evolving at CI. My newer system is now as follows Bodies : Hasselblad H5X, Alpa STC, Alpa 12-XY-Mark IV Back : Phase One IQ 250 Lenses : 40mm, 70mm, 90mm lenses for Alpa & my old H lenses from Hasselblad Definitely take your business and form a long term relationship with the folks at Capture Integration — especially if you are tired of the underlying arrogance and a singular penchant to practice “JUST SELL” that pervades so widely in many a high-end photography business. I love the Phase One platform and the overall integration. Thank You!!

    Al Vinjamur Al Vinjamur Photography
  • I just wanted to express in writing what a fabulous group of partners you have at Capture Integration!! Everyone is very professional at your Atlanta location and always very helpful! Your people are so knowledgeable, that they are always willing to help, instruct and make you feel good about your dilemma and the solution you present! In a day were everyone seems to be rushing to the “Walmart” approach to save a buck, it is refreshing to find an organization that offers service and information as a normal and integral part of their business! I have a unique business which we have discussed, and I don’t know where my business would be without your team on my “side”! I came as you know because of Steve, but have gotten to know Sam, Bryant, Zac, Josh and Anthony and even you now and ALL have shown an intense desire to help and cause me to be successful in my business and approach. Nothing is too simple, or a question too stupid to discuss with your team. Sometimes more than once. I know I am probably the source of humor and mirth filled discussion after hours with your employees, but I really don’t care as long as they help me with what I need at the moment. I have owned and built 4-5 companies in my life and have had 2-128 employees at any given time. Believe me when I say you have something special and I know that the team seems to indicate that you are basically responsible for training and building the business to what it is today. I hope you are enjoying the fruit and process along the way, because you have something wonderful going on at Peters Street. A lot of times my businesses approached likenesses of what you seem to have going, and sometimes I had my nose to much to the grind stone to realize the blessing I had! Please keep up what your are doing! I need to have you in business next week and the one after that!

    Jim Harding Photographer
  • I have personally known Dave for many years and have always seen him in action with other clients that had business with him. It was not until the first part of 2012 when I finally decided to pull the trigger on a Phase One system that I got to truly see what kind of man he and his staff are. Dave lives his work and his work mimics his personal ethics, compassion, and selflessness. He will take whatever time, workup any test or loan any piece of equipment to make sure that it is the right fit for what I am doing. I truly feel that his business is an essential extension of my own. I was on a multi day shoot recently where the first day was in Atlanta and the remaining several days were in a location that is several hours north of Atlanta. On the first day of shooting in Atlanta, I was able to shoot tethered with no problems right up until about lunch time. All of the sudden, the camera would not connect and I did not have an extra firewire cable or the time to try to troubleshoot the problem myself. With a full crew and the client patiently watching me, I called Dave. All he said was, “where are you?”. I told him and within about 30 minutes, he had driven over from his office with several cables, repeaters, and the like to trouble shoot and proceed to fix my problem right there in front of my client. I almost could not believe it and my client sure was impressed! I was thankful that I was partnered with a company that would do anything in its power to see me succeed with my business. These days I am often underwhelmed with how other businesses take care of their customers. We live in a disposable world that is cash and carry. Capture Integration is a PARTNER for any serious photographer who relies on their equipment to create billable work for clients. They are “all in” with your business for the long haul!

    David Christensen Photographer
  • I remember when Dave rolled up to SC and put that Phase One into my hands back in (2003?). It was a poisonously addictive occasion. I was looking for something to give me that edge. I had all of the high-end camera companies visit me to peddle the latest gear. What struck me was this: Dave was different than all the others. First of all, the back he demo’d with me hands-down performed better. Specifically, I remember how clean the files were. The details where excellent in the shadows, and the light to dark transitions were remarkable. And that was awesome. But more importantly, here was a guy who was going to add value to my business. I knew I could trust him and he would be there for me when I needed help. A true business partner. Over the years, Dave has proved to be a reliable source for my gear. I know I have purchased at least 6 phase backs from Capture Integration since 2003. Thanks Dave and crew for many years of sales support! You have been a key ingredient in my success and have been a pleasure to deal with!

    Patrick Cox
    Patrick Cox Cox Photography
  • “I don’t remember how I heard of Capture Integration, I do know the first time I met them was at one of their free seminars they put on to educate us about digital products and software. David and Doug have become my go to guys in regards to anything digital; be that a technical question that Doug (and no one else) can answer from the top of his head, or David’s impressive care of each and every individual client; Capture Integration treats its clients with an amazing level of customer service, the same way I strive to treat my clients. That David goes to whatever lengths are necessary to help a client was shown again a few weeks ago: a missing cable in a rental kit threatened to stop my shoot, but David drove to his Atlanta office early that Saturday morning, pulled the piece, drove to the airport and rushed the cable to me via Delta Dash. A few hours after my initial phone call to him, I was up and shooting with a happy client. This attitude is not the exception at Capture Integration – I am by far not the biggest client of theirs, but I am treated with the same commitment to more than perfect customer service as anyone else.”

    Pascal Depuhl
    Pascal Depuhl
  • When I first started shopping for a Medium Format camera system, I like many, turned to learning on the internet. When I decided I was interested in the Phase One System and found the Capture Integration site I continued learning from their site. As I did my research learning about the company and Dave Gallagher, they just had stunning reviews on helping and being there for the clients. I found it interesting how a company could be so well thought of, not really normal in our world or in the camera world. I had filled out a form I would like to learn more. My journey started with a phone call from Dave Gallagher, gosh the CEO of the company calling me to see how he could help Now this is different and by the end of the phone visit I felt like I had known Dave for a long time and he gives me his cell number too. Dave is treating me and giving me the experience of walking into a high end car dealership. Yes this equipment is an investment but I have found that I have a partner that I can work with for many years. Dave and CI definitely put the customer first, I have found this out in a big way, first hand. Just to make sure there are other fine dealers who work with the Phase One systems. But what I have experience is “World Class” service. If you are one who appreciates being treated the best Dave Gallagher and Capture Integration will take you to a level you never expected.

    Clark Marten
    Clark Marten Clark Marten Photogrphy
  • “Hedrich Blessing is a well known – 80 year old architectural photography studio in Chicago. About a year ago, we made the decision to convert our imaging process to digital. Once we made the decision to put away our 4×5 Sinars and Linhofs, we looked to the market for a consultant that could help us in our quest for equipment that would support our vision. We were fortunate to find Capture Integration. They set about finding the right combination of cameras, lenses, and a capture device all of our photographers could embrace. Capture integration gathered equipment from multiple sources for us to test- and helped us make the best choices. Dave & Chris have gone the extra mile over and again. In my opinion, they’re the best people in the business- no question.”

    Hedrich Blessing Architectural Photography Studio
  • "Capture Integration are such important partners with us in the studio business. Having this relationship is so valuable and vital to our day to day business activity. Sure, one can order from other resources on the web, or from catalogs, but where are they when you need assistance? In our business, when we need assistance…we need it immediately! Where are the others when you’re in a bind and need technical support or need to rent additional, not good, but great and trustworthy equipment? I can always count on Dave and his team, whatever the need, when it comes to our photographic equipment. I can’t say enough about how much I value our relationship and the weight it removes from my shoulders just knowing that they are there standing behind my business."

    Diana Parrish
    Diana Parrish Diana Parrish Photo
  • "Capture Integration is the most professional, selfless and cohesive organization that I have ever worked with in my life. They have saved me on shoots with software issues, hand delivered equipment to manufacturers internationally that I have damaged, and have made selfless sacrifices getting me the new equipment that I needed in an unprecedentedly fast fashion. If all organizations functioned in this way, the world would be a much brighter, happier and better place. My world is for having chosen them as my source for all of my medium format digital needs more than a decade ago."

    Patrick Ross
    Patrick Ross Professional Photographer