Arca-Swiss Tech Cameras

Arca-Swiss creates some of the most versatile tech cameras in the industry, as only Arca-Swiss can. Building upon their expertise from decades of class leading view camera innovation, the Arca-Swiss technical cameras are a further reflection of the uniquely graceful and flexible design that is a hallmark of Arca-Swiss construction.

With models ranging from the tiny and compact Factum to the flagship RM3Di, to pushing the 4×5 envelope for film and extended stitching for digital with the RL3Di,  there is an Arca-Swiss tech camera that is a match for anyone’s desire.

Key Benefits

  • Self locking, precision gearing
  • Large, super precise, on-body Focus Ring
  • AIP (All In Plane) X/Y (vertical and horizontal) movements on all cameras
  • Tilt or Swing for each camera and every lens
  • Unique but effective resin-based hand grip with extension option
  • Superb best in class optical zooming finder with amazing clarity
  • Film or digital options for each model

Why It Matters To Us…

The Arca-Swiss R-Series Tech Camera system is impeccably crafted. Unique aspects include the largest and most precise focusing ring of any technical camera available. The throw of the focus ring will produce 4 complete revolutions going from nearest point to infinity. Having the focus ring on the body also saves costs on lens purchases, since the helical focusing ring does not have to be incorporated into each lens mounting.

Arca-Swiss has always walked to the beat of their own drum, and the R Series Tech Cameras are no exception. A unique optical viewfinder that zooms and provides masks to reflect the movement position for what you see through the viewfinder is one such unique feature..

The AIP gearing is smooth and precise, and the cameras can be flipped upside down to take advantage of additional movements. The R Series are the only tech cameras that offer a sliding back option with ground glass. Even if one intends to rely upon live view, another unique Arca-Swiss accessory is the Rotamount, which allows one to rotate the digital back between vertical and horizontal orientation without removing the digital back from the camera.

Arca-Swiss Tech Cameras

The RL3Di is the King of the R Series line, not just in size and in expandability of movements, but in the acceptance of not just digital backs, but film backs up to 4×5 in size. The generous movements allow utilization of the large image circles provided by some of the Rodenstock HR lenses – like the 90HR-SW and 138HR-SW.

Not too big, and not too small. But with ample movements, the RM3Di occupies the central position in the R Series canon. With the ability to utilize a 150mp digital back, or a 6 x 9 film back, the RM3Di is a state of the art technical camera that provides maximum versatility.

The RM3D Factum is an amazing concept – essentially using the component frame of the RM3Di tilt/swing module to create a new and extremely compact technical shift camera. The Factum provides an option for lightweight camera carry as a stand-alone, but has the added benefit of being able to fit inside an RM3Di for the times you need additional shift latitude.

  • X/Y shift camera
  • Self locking gearing
  • Helical focusing on camera
  • Lenses can seamlessly be transferred to view camera
  • Sliding back adapter option
  • Cameras can be mounted upside down for expanded vertical movement
Arca-Swiss R Camera SpecsRL3DiRM3DiFactum
Horizontal Movement20mm/20mm AIP15mm/15mm AIP15mm/15mm AIP
Vertical Movement40mm/20mm AIP30mm/20mm AIP15mm/15mm AIP
Max format4 x 56 x 96 x 9
Size (w/o opt. wooden handgrip)4.1" x 4.1" x 0.8"7.1" x 7.3" x 0.8"5.3" x 5.5" x 0.8"
Weight51.2 ounces37.8 ounces22.6 ounces

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