Arca-Swiss View Cameras

Arca-Swiss remains one of the foremost manufactuers of view cameras in the world today. One of the few manufacturers of view cameras who has not only survived the evolutiont toward digital capture, but thrived throughout this period. Innovation, precision, flexibility, and elegance has marked Arca-Swiss products for decades, and continues to this day. Offering excellent view cameras solutions for both film and digital use, there’s nothing better than an Arca-Swiss.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely precise gearing, ideal for digital use (but film too!)
  • Completely modular view camera systems
  • Choice of formats for film or digital use
  • 6×9, 4×5, 5×7, 8×10 – most cameras can change formats
  • Yaw free is standard and Axis tilt is available as an option

Why It Matters To Us…

There’s no view camera made that is more elegant than an Arca-Swiss view camera. Regardless of the format, from 6×9 – 8×10, the Arca-Swiss view camera takes a minimalist approach. The monorail system is ingenious in its elegance.

These are not bulky view cameras, they are streamlined that shed a lot of the heft and chunkiness of most view cameras. And yet they possess stability and precision that is unmatched. Many view cameras possess modularity, but the seamless manner by which Arca-Swiss implements modularity is what sets them apart.

Arca-Swiss 6x9 M-Line Monolith View Camera

Arca-Swiss Camera Bodies

The F Metric brings advanced movements and modularity, but with a lightweight approach. With duplicated movements on both standards, the F Metric is a full featured view camera, but it’s lightweight, which makes it an ideal field camera.

The M Monolith is heavier than the F Metric, but still quite lightweight. And there are gains to be had in more expansive movements and stability. As such, it takes a position as the camera for extreme movement and for rigidity required by projects that require precise registration when compiling images.

The M-Two is available as a model that optionally can accept medium format digital backs, as well as medium format and smaller format cameras, via the models M-Two MF and M-Two DSLR. It segments the movements to arrive at less than half the weight of an Arca Monolith 6×9.

The lightest and most compact Arca Swiss view camera, the Universalis offers a variety of models that share some characteristics with the M-Two: Segmented movements, flexibility for medium format digital backs and medium format and smaller format cameras, but does so with an even lighter and smaller camera body.

  • Self locking gearing
  • Upgradeable formats
  • Seamless rail extension
  • Flexibility for diverse cameras or digital backs
  • View camera lenses mounted in R Bayonet can be mounted
  • Assortment of leather and synthetic  bellows
  • Sliding back adapters with ground glass for digital backs
Arca-Swiss View Camera SpecsF Metric 6x9F-Universalis IIM Monolith 6x9M-Two
Horizontal shiftFront: 40mm/40mm
Rear: 40mm/40mm
Front: N/A
Rear: 25mm/25mm
Front: 50mm/50mm
Rear: 50mm/50mm
Front: N/A
Rear: 35mm/35mm
Vertical shiftFront: 30mm/30mm
Rear: 30mm/30mm
Front: Up to 20mm
Rear: 25mm/25mm
Front: 35mm/35mm
Rear: 35mm/35mm
Front: 3N/A
Rear: 35mm/35mm
TiltStandard: 35º
Orbix - axis: 15º
Standard: 35º
Orbix - axis: 15º
Standard: 45º
Orbix - axis: 15º
Standard: 45º
Orbix - axis: 15º
Front standardH Shift/V Shift/Tilt/SwingV Shift/Tilt/SwingH Shift/V Shift/Tilt/SwingTilt/Swing
Rear standardH Shift/V Shift/Tilt/SwingH Shift/V ShiftH Shift/V Shift/Tilt/SwingH Shift/V Shift
Dimensions250 x 140 x 300mm250 x 140 x 300mm250 x 140 x 300mm250 x 140 x 300mm
Weight5.7 pounds3.5 pounds10.3 pounds4.6 pounds

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