Cambo Expands Your World with Actar 19 Lens

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Cambo Actus 19 – Based on Nikkor 19 TS: Pre-Order

This dedicated ACTAR-19 lens can be used on the entire range of Actus cameras in combination with all mirrorless cameras, as well as Canon DSLR models, and digital backs that employ an electronic shutter (select Phase One and Hasselblad models).

cambo actus 19 nikkor 19TS

Cambo’s Actar-19 is built using the optical elements of the Nikkor 19 from Nikon. This results in an image circle that is wide enough to cover the 33×44 sensor of the Fujifilm 50 and 100 models, while still offering at least 5 mm of shift. When using 35mm format camera bodies, shift will allow at least 12mm into each direction.This [shutterless] lens can also be used on the Actus-DB and Actus-XL in combination with a digital back with Sensor Activated Electronic Shutter, such as the IQ4 models. In this case there is no allowance for shifts, but it will not vignette.

cambo actus 19 - actar 19 - nikkor 19 TS
HyperFocal: 0

ACTAR-19 will be available for delivery starting in October.
This new Actar Lens will be introduced shortly to the public and by then be added to our website. For technical details such as lens elements, coating and MTF we refer to the information as supplied by Nikon. End User list pricing is $5,995.

The CI Take

While the adaptation to provide a manual aperture ring and dedicated lensboard has added some substantial cost to this already expensive Nikon lens, the result is a fantastic new ultra wide option for many Cambo Actus users. A number of our clients have expressed that they feel the Nikkor 19mm TS Lens compares favorably to the Canon 17mm TS Lens.

How To Order?

Contact your Capture Integration Salesperson our the home office at 877-217-9870.


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