Capture One Enterprise

Capture One Enterprise is designed for high-volume studios where efficiency is paramount. It comes with the same imaging benefits that Capture One Pro offers but with extra functionality specifically designed for a streamlined workflow. Enterprise users benefit from an expanded tool-box and automation solutions that can be tailored to the way their business works.

Exclusive Tools for Enterprise

  1. Barcode scanner tool
  2. Advanced Guides
  3. Next Capture Backup
  4. Next Capture Keywords
  5. Next Capture Metadata
  6. Tool Locks
  7. Capture Pilot with Enterprise enhancements
  8. Dedicated Studio workspaces

Why It Matters To Us…

  • Automated workflow for the studio
  • Less mistakes and more shots per day
  • We have been asking for some of these features for years
  • If you have a small studio, these tools could really help effeciency

01. Barcode scanner tool

Manually naming image files can be time consuming and prone to error. The Capture One Enterprise integrated Barcode scanner tool helps ensure assets are quickly named and identified correctly as they are captured. This hardware and software integration saves time and avoids any human error that can occur with manual data input.

02. Advanced Guides

Working in a fast-paced e-commerce environment can mean photography teams need to shoot multiple products to exact layouts. The new advanced Guides Tool enables users to create accurate and reusable configurations to help save time and ensure consistency.

03. Next Capture Backup

Remove the risk of losing your image assets with the Next Capture Backup feature that automatically duplicates captured images during a tethered session to another drive.

04. Next Capture Keywords

Manually adding keywords is time consuming and can be error prone. To avoid this, the Next Capture Keywords tool allows you to enter the keywords that should be associated with the next captured image(s), ensuring that product shots will be categorized correctly from the start.

05. Next Capture Metadata

Reduce manual data entry errors and speed up production time with the Next Capture Metadata tool. Relevant metadata is automatically applied to each image when shooting tethered to ensure products are categorized correctly from the start.

06. Tool Locks

Specially designed Enterprise Workspace options match your workflow needs and can now be locked to prevents changes and help standardize your working practice for a consistent and efficient workflow.

07. Capture Pilot with Enterpriseenhancements

Capture Pilot on an iOS device can be an invaluable tool to help remotely shoot, rate, tag and compose images. But now it comes with advanced functionality when using Capture One Enterprise including the option to display an added Overlay, Grid or Guides on top of the image displayed on the iOS app screen.

08. Dedicated Studio workspaces

Specially designed Enterprise Workspace options match your workflow needs and can now be locked to prevents changes and help standardise your working practice for a consistent and efficient workflow.

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