COVID-19 Continuity of Service

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Working through an unprecedented situation.

Just as so many of you have had changes to your work brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, so too have we at Capture Integration, as well as our primary manufacturing partners. For our part, Capture Integration endured a state mandated lockdown throughout this period, and upon the lifting of that lockdown, we are engaged via remote work environments and staggered staff hours and schedules at our office. During this challenging time, we focused on the personal side of Capture integration.

Similarly, our partners have also maintained operations, with varying degrees of impact as well. We are happy to report that as we become more fully operational, all Capture Integration staff employed at the start of the crisis remain as part of our great team.

We thought it would be helpful today to list our primary partners and present their current status. Below are responses from each partner. We wish everyone the best health and well being.


“The photography community is important to us, especially as we all navigate through this challenging time. Phase One never shut down, we continued to produce, ship, support and service our products. We swiftly made adjustments to assist our partners and photographers by way of offering virtual/remote service and demos. To help keep the community inspired and positive, in place of live events, we initiated the Phase One Artist Webinar series. Here in the US, even though we are working from home, we have access to our local office and someone is there every day. We take care of support calls and through these times we continued to produce, ship, support and service our products without delay. Stay creative, stay passionate and stay healthy!”


“In light of the coronavirus pandemic, EIZO USA remains committed and focused on creating a safe work environment for all our US-based employees. At this time, EIZO corporate is fully staffed for shipping, receiving, and technical support. We are grateful for all of our customers, and as things are back to normal, we’re here for you.”


“As a manufacturer, Cambo can’t ask most of its work force to execute their tasks from home. So the company has done its utmost to take all the necessary precautions to remain fully operational during these difficult times and yet to guarantee the health and safety of employees and visitors, with success. Our staff and their families are all in good health and the manufacturing process has hardly been affected. We obviously regret having less personal interaction with our clients. Although lock-down measurements here in Europe are gradually loosened, road shows and other events will probably be a no-go for many months to come. We’ll go to great lengths to maintain our high standard of support and after sales service, albeit from a distance most of the time. Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to seeing you all in person again. Hopefully in the not-so-far future.”


“Leica Camera USA continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and we are open with a small staff. We are processing orders and shipping as merchandise comes available.”


“In the last three months, we have witnessed unprecedented events brought upon by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Our hearts are with those who have been affected by this global crisis. At ALPA and our representatives worldwide, we remain determined and steadfast in our commitment to provide every existing and future customer with the highest standard of support.

Even under these challenging conditions, you can contact us through various channels: whether via e-mail, support forms or our direct telephone number +41 44 383 92 22, we will deal with your request as quickly as possible. ALPA strictly adheres to the guidelines of “social distancing.” For this reason, it is often not possible to conduct extensive consulting appointments on-site. Consequently, ALPA offers to hold such consultations via video meetings (for appointments just use the link Stay healthy!”


“Delivery and Inbound Package Acceptance – Union, NJ: AVAILABLE

Inbound packages via common carriers (UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS) are accepted at this time. 

Drop-off service in-person is not available at this time.

Shipments and Outbound Order Fulfillment – Union, NJ: AVAILABLE

Outbound shipments and order fulfillment is in process at this time. 

Pick-up service in-person is not available at this time.

Experience Studio Demonstrations and Appointments – New York, NY: PAUSED”


“Profoto officially closed our NJ offices nearly 2 months ago in compliance with NJ regulations. Working remotely, we have maintained nearly full operation since. We plan to resume working from our headquarters as soon as state and local regulations permit.”


“In March 2020, Arca-Swiss International was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the French stay-at-home order, business operations temporarily closed.  Later in April as the order lifted, Arca-Swiss returned to work and production. Arca-Swiss shipments of products to the USA resumed in late April.  During this unprecedented time, Arca-Swiss has been committed to remaining as operational as possible. During the Arizona stay-at-home order, Arca-Swiss USA remained open for technical support & repairs for our customers via phone, email & Skype calls. New orders were delayed by 24-48 hours, but have now returned to same day service.  Inventory levels are excellent at this time. Our hearts are with all those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we remain concerned about the safety and well-being of our partners, customers and colleagues. Please stay safe and well!”


“Fujifilm is closely monitoring current global and local events related to COVID-19 and we are taking measured and appropriate steps in responding to the pandemic.  Our number one priority is the safety of our customers, workforce and the broader community. Please visit our COVID-19 webpage for details on Fujifilm’s response, how our technologies are addressing the pandemic, and our latest news related to COVID-19.

All of Fujifilm distribution centers in the US are now open and most of our Photo products are in good supply.”


“We are a 100% USA company designing, building and sourcing in California.  With our global distribution partners in the Far East and Australia closing in February, we were able to see this tidal wave slowly approaching.  We set plans in early March to temporarily suspend our operations on March 20th, allowing us time to manufacture a stock of our most popular selling items.  We restarted operations about 3 weeks ago, following closely with local and State guidelines.  We have used this time to discuss reopening strategies for studios, film sets, and location photo shoots and have developed a new line of products to help improve efficiency for on set health and safety.  We are looking forward to helping the needs of our industry as it evolves over the next few months.”


“To promote a safe working environment for the employees of Nanlite (and the entire MACGroup company) during the coronovirus pandemic, many of our employees are working from home. We have a small crew of people working on order processing and shipping; and our Tech Support and RMA departments aere up and running. We are happy to help our customers with any issues they may be having. We are adhering to the recommended CDC guidelines to assure that our employees are safe as we transition back to business as usual. We are very grateful to our customers for their continued support during this difficult time.”
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