Meet Dave

“The CEO”

“Titles and labels belong on books and soup cans respectively. To me they don’t make the man, his reputation and integrity do. My most important job is being the best father I can to Aidan, McKenna, and Emma and giving them the best foundation for happiness and success in life. And finally, to attempt to give my wife a fraction of the joy that she has brought to me and our family”.


RIT – BS in Imaging Technology
Sinar Bron  (5 years) Regional Manager
Calumet Digital Solutions (4 Years) Area Sales Manager
Phase One US (3 Years) Manager
Founded Capture Integration in 2004


Bristol, NH

Lakeland, FL

Rochester, NY

Atlanta, GA

Priority: Making my wife happy

Hardest task: Making my wife happy

Hobby: Driving fast

Achievement: 3 healthy children

Food: Trying new things

Drink of choice: Bourbon

Fav: Moist chocolate cake


Talking Heads

Al Green

Keb Mo

Blake Shelton

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