Meet Dave

“The CEO”

“Titles and labels belong on books and soup cans respectively. They don’t make a man as much as his reputation and integrity. My most important job is being the best father I can to Aidan, McKenna, and Emma and giving them the best foundation for happiness and success in life. Just as important, I attempt to give my wife a fraction of the joy that she has brought to me and our family”.

1987 – RIT – BS in Imaging and Photographic Technology

1992 – Sinar Bron – Regional Manager

1997 – Calumet Digital Solutions – Area Sales Manager

2000 – Phase One US -Sales Manager

2004 – Capture Integration  – CEO and Owner

RIT Alumni Board of Directors

RIT 2020/2021 Distinguished Alumnus – College of Art and Design



Bristol, NH


Priority: Making my wife happy

Hardest task: Making my wife happy

Hobby: Driving fast

Achievement: 3 healthy children

Food: Trying new things

Drink of choice: Bourbon

Fav: Chocolate cake


Talking Heads

Al Green

Keb Mo

Blake Shelton