Hasselblad H6X

Versatility comes to the fore again from Hasselblad by offering a camera body that is fully compatible with all H System Lenses, including the HCD 4.8/24 HCD 4/28 and the HCD 4.0-5.6/35-90 lenses. It can also use a film magazine and offers functionality with 3rd party digital backs from Phase One, Leaf, Sinar, in addition to Hasselblad’s own CF digital backs.

Although aimed primarily at current H1, H2, H2F, H4X and H5X users, the H6X can naturally act as a backup for H5D users too.

Key Benefits

  • Dual media platform – film and digital
  • Large and Bright Viewfinder
  • Choice of Waist Level and Prism Viewfinders
  • True Focus and APL (Absolute Postion Lock)
  • HC/HCD Leaf Shutter Lenses that sync at up to 1/800th sec

Why It Matters To Us…

  • Hasselblad has updated the popular H platform for Phase One/Leaf digital back owners.
  • Compatible with HCD Lenses (28, 35-90)
  • Widely available from rental houses throughout the world
  • Provide the same extensive functionality as the H1 and H2 cameras.
  • Number of available Profiles increased from 4 to 8
  • More programmable button options

True Focus helps solve one of the most lingering challenges that faces serious photographers today: true, accurate focusing throughout the image field. Without multi-point autofocus, a typical autofocus camera can only correctly measure focus on a subject that is in the centre of the image. When a photographer wants to focus on a subject outside the centre area, they have to lock focus on the subject and then re-compose the image. In short distances especially, this re-composing causes focus error, as the plane of focus sharpness follows the camera’s movement, perpendicular to the axis of the lens.

The Viewfinder is the most important interface between the photographer and the subject. The large and bright viewfinder of the H6X camera shows the image crisply and clearly, letting you work even in dim lighting with perfect results. The HV 90X-II viewfinder covers the full area of the HC Lens line and offers near 100% image view and eyesight dioptre correction. The large eyepiece also allows full image view even when wearing glasses. The HVD 90X has been optimised for digital work with the digital sensor size of 37 × 49mm. The HVM, a waist-level viewfinder, is available as an accessory.

The H6X Lens Program is designed and engineered by Hasselblad to meet the highest optical performance specifications. HC and HCD Lenses cover a wide spectrum of focal lengths and feature some of the fastest and most precise auto-focus capabilities on the market. The unique HCD 24mm wide-angle lens, the HCD 28mm and the HCD 35-90mm zoom lens have been tailored for digital use with a 37 × 49mm sensor, but can of course also be used with larger sensors with a minimal drop in performance in the extreme corners. The integral lens shutters allow for flash sync up to 1/800 of a second. The lens shutter also provides silent and vibration-free operation.

Hasselblad SpecificationsHasselblad H6X Camera Body
Lens MountHasselblad H
Shutter TypeLeaf Shutter
Shutter Speed1/800 to 18 Hours
Exposure ModesAperture Priority, Manual, Program, Shutter Priority
Metering Range2 to 21 EV (Spot), 1 to 21 EV (Center-Weighted Average), 1 to 21 EV (Center Spot)
Continuous ShootingUp to 9 fps
Interval RecordingYes
Mirror Lock-upYes
Focus Type
Focus ModeContinuous-Servo AF (C), Focus Lock AF Area Mode, Manual Focus (M), Single-Servo AF (S)
Autofocus Sensitivity1 to +19 EV
Autofocus Sensitivity1 to +19 EV
Viewfinder TypeElectronic (LCD)
Viewfinder MagnificationApprox 2.7x (with HV90X-II)
Diopter Adjustment-4 to +2.5
Built-In FlashYes
Guide Number39.4' / 12 m
Maximum Sync Speed1/800th second
Flash Compensation-3 to +3 EV
Dedicated Flash SystemTTL
External Flash ConnectionHot Shoe, PC Terminal
Memory Card SlotSlot 1: CFast
Remote ReleaseHasselblad Cord H
Operating Temperature14 to 113°F / -10 to 45°C
Battery1 x 3200 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Grip, 7.2 VDC, 3200 mAh
Dimensions (W x H x D)5.7" x 4.3" x 3.5" / 144 x 110 x 88 mm (Excluding Protrusions)
Weight1.8 lb / 830 g (Body only)

©Image Courtesy of Hasseblad Website

X System Lenses

The HC 100mm is a fast lens particularly suited to low-light situations or for action shots where higher shutter speeds are required. The slightly longer-than-standard length coupled with its shorter depth-of-field makes it a perfect choice for striking portraits too.

At ƒ/2.2, it’s the fastest lens — aperture-wise — in our lineup. Moreover, it’s the fastest-focusing lens we have produced and when you’re moving around a subject, firing shot after shot, that extra speed is worth it.


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The HC 3,5/50 is an all-around, versatile lens, incorporating a moderate wide-angle effect and featuring advanced optical design with rear focus mechanism. Corner-to-corner illumination is very even at all aperture settings, and distortion and stray light are extremely well-controlled.

The HC 50mm lens represents the equivalent of a 35mm lens in 35mm photography. It’s a wide angle lens that offers ample perspective without seeming unnatural, making it the classic lens for reportage photography.

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The HCD 28mm lens has been designed to be compact and to deliver optimal performance when used with the 48 x 36mm sensor of the H System digital cameras. Image quality is refined with integral use of Digital Lens Correction which perfects the raw image by digitally removing any colour aberration, vignetting and distortion. The resulting raw images have perfect pixel definition optimal for image rendering. Its close up performance is outstanding – the subject can be as little as 10cm from the front of the lens.

Fully corrected throughout its focusing range for colour aberration, vignetting and distortion, this compact wide-angle lens is more than capable of delivering the exceptional results demanded by professional users. Whilst not an ultra-wide angle like the HCD 24mm, the HCD 28mm still delivers a full frame equivalency of 19mm when attached to the H6D-100c.

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The HC 50-110mm zoom lens has a range from wide-angle to short telephoto. This lens boasts exceptionally high image quality at all focal length settings, whether shooting film or digital, and is comparable in image quality with corresponding fixed focal length lenses.

Zoom lenses are easy to use and practical, enabling you to respond quickly to changing conditions. The HC 3,5-4,5/50-110 covers an invaluable photographic spectrum ranging from slight wide angle to portrait telephoto. As a zoom lens, it has no problem keeping up with the speed and reproduction values of fixed focal lengths and its versatility makes it one of the most popular HC Lenses in the system.

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The HC Macro 120mm has exceptionally high performance, making it a very versatile lens not only for close-up work but general applications too where a slightly longer lens is required.

Image quality and light distribution, even in the close focusing range as well as at maximum aperture, are extremely good. Focusing, both manual and autofocus, is from infinity to 1:1 without the need for extension tubes. The autofocus range can also be limited to near, far or full range through a setting on the camera.

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A universal telephoto lens with outstanding performance, the HC 4/210’s longer focal length is excellent for tightly framed shots, enabling a shallow depth-of-field to be used to make the main subject noticeably stand out. The HC 210mm is a superior telephoto lens that features our advanced internal focus mechanism, making it an ideal choice for hand-held location work in portrait, fashion, nature, and commercial photography.

The counterpart to the classic 135mm lens in 35mm photography comes in the form of the HC 4/210 – a telephoto lens with outstanding performance. Its focal length is effective in both portraiture and landscape photography, generating that slightly compacted, typical telephoto perspective.

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The HC 300mm lens is the longest lens in the HC Lens range. It has a fast autofocus reaction making it suitable for certain sports and wildlife applications. The high quality, even at wide apertures, also makes it suitable for fashion photographers needing to blur out disturbing backgrounds.

This high performance lens also features an integral rotatable tripod mount for rapid horizontal and vertical composition change.

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As a result of our constant drive for ultimate performance, the HCD 35-90mm zoom lens combines our advanced optical design models and the H System’s unique Digital Lens Correction with a new aspheric lens element design to create what we think is the highest performing zoom lens on the market today.

The HCD 4,0-5,6/35-90 adds a gorgeous wide angle zoom to the line of HC/HCD Lenses. With its 82 degree angle of view on the wide end and a mild telephoto effect at the top end, it’s as universal as a Swiss army knife. Thanks to its compact size and moderate weight, it’s the perfect outdoor companion to any H Camera.

This compact mid-range zoom lens delivers exceptional results across the frame through its advanced optical design. Covering focal lengths from wide angle to short telephoto, this lens will enable users to handle most general photographic situations with ease.

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The HC 2.8/80 is the standard lens for the H System. The high-performance design ensures superb colour correction, a flat image plane, and low distortion. The large aperture facilitates photography in poor light and provides a bright viewfinder image. The HC 80mm is a lens suited for almost any task in general photography.

The term ‘normal lens’ sounds a little derogatory in the context of high-class lenses, but the HC 2,8/80 is not only the most affordable but also one of the best HC Lenses on the market. It’s a high-speed lens that gives a bright viewfinder image in low light situations. It is also incredibly compact, making it an excellent choice for lightweight equipment in outdoor photography.

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A retro focus lens with an 89° diagonal angle of view, the HC 3,5/35 offers outstanding corner-to-corner sharpness, low dispersion glass, even illumination, and an advanced optical design with rear focus mechanism to ensure high performance even at a close focusing range.

The HC 3,5/35 lens is still considered a super wide angle lens with its 89º angle of view. It’s a powerful lens for creative photography that is also easy to use.

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The HCD 24mm lens is an ultra-wide angle lens with an advanced optical design for outstanding performance and extreme corner to corner sharpness. With a 104° diagonal angle of view it is the most extreme wide-angle lens currently available for medium format.

This ultra-wide-angle lens delivers outstanding performance throughout its focusing range. Its 104-degree diagonal field of view, the widest of our current lens ranges, enables captures to be made in cramped interiors or vast vistas by landscape photographers.

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The HC 150mm, with its high speed autofocus and moderate telephoto effect, is an ideal portrait lens, providing the ideal perspective for head and shoulder shots. The HC 3,2/150 is also a prime choice for landscape photography.

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©Image Courtesy of Hasseblad Website