Leaf no longer supporting Aptus Digital Backs

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Mamiya-Leaf will no longer offer service for Valeo, Aptus and Aptus S series backs after JULY 31st, 2016

Any service requests have to be made before this date.

After the above-mentioned date it will still be possible to download software, manuals and get limited support for the products, however Mamiya-Leaf can not offer service for the mentioned products.

Complete list of affected digital camera backs is the following:

• Valeo 17
• Valeo 22
• Valeo 17wi
• Valeo 22wi
• Aptus 17
• Aptus 22
• Aptus 65
• Aptus 75
• Aptus 54S
• Aptus 65S
• Aptus 75S
• AFI 5
• AFI 6
• AFI 7

Note that above announcement does not affect service and support for Aptus-II/Mamiya DM and AFI-II generation camera backs.

For additional questions please contact Capture Integration Support  @   877-217-9870

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