My Top 10 Favorite Medium Format Images

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Over the last 20 years, I have had the experience to shoot with the best medium format digital camera systems in the world. As I travel and get to work with photographers and locations all over, I take time to create images that move me. Sometimes it is a certain location that inspires me, sometimes it is the texture or color of a subject, and sometimes it is just being at the right place at the right time. But with the right medium format camera system.

I have always enjoyed making images as well as representing the best manufactures of this equipment in the world. My ability to work with so many talented photographers and artists along the way has afforded me the luxury of being able to create images myself. Using the best medium format digital camera systems the industry has to offer. I learn something from each person I work with and try to put that to use when I get to shoot. Now it is just fun. I visualize images everywhere I go, I think about images as I daydream when my mind needs a break. I think about the places I have not been to; where others have created breathtaking pictures and I keep a bucket list of places to shoot.

The one thing I have also enjoyed about photography is the technical aspects of it. When I studied photography in school, it was the technical parts of it I enjoyed so much. I find the same with medium format digital camera systems. The dynamic range is very similar to understanding the effective tonal range of your image, and using the software to create the look you desire. The color balance of the image continues to help establish the mood of your image and can make or break you. Knowing when to shoot the pictures (as the sun comes up and down) used to be done with a compass and an understanding when it was best to shoot. Now there is an app for that, one that even tells you when “golden hour” is. Photo Pills is the app I am currently using.

Critical focus has always been a factor to draw your eye into the image. All of this has been made easier with the digital camera system. Instant feedback is so rewarding. Medium format digital camera systems now have high resolution preview screens based on the displays like in our iphones. Gamut warnings help you expose the image with full detail. Focus mask show where the image is in sharp focus. Live view has finally become usable in the filed. All of these tools help you create better, more predictable images. Medium format digital cameras will help take your images to the next level. Try one today.

1. Yosemite Falls

Phase One IQ180 DF 80mm LS

2. The Masters – Hole No. 13

Phase One IQ260 DF+ 55mm LS

3. Art Basel

Phase One IQ180 DF 55mm LS

4. Britt in the pool

Leaf Aptus 80 DF 80mm LS

5. Silo City Reflections

Phase One IQ260 Cambo RS 40mm TS

6. Lancaster County Court House

Phase One IQ180 DF 80mm LS

7. Rusty Valve

Phase One IQ260 Cambo RS 40mm TS

8. Concrete Central

Phase One IQ260 Cambo RS 40mm TS 

9. Cruise Ship Port

Leica S2 35mm

10. Yosemite Church

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