New Alpa Accessories For Phase One IQ4

ALPA Electronic Shutter IQ4 Handgrip Kit

New for IQ4! The ALPA Handgrip Kit offers a convenient way to trigger the Electronic Shutter. It can be attached to all classic ALPA 12 camera bodies via the ALPA Feature Connector. The ergonomic handgrip kit is now also available in the version for IQ4 (new 12-pin plug).


The new sync cable for IQ4 with 12pin connector is backwards compatible with the ALPA Sync Release. Due to the sluggish time-lag of the IQ4 backs when waking/triggering, the triggering process should be carried out without haste (#slowphotography).

ALPA 12 FPS/SILEX Cable Tye C4 For IQ4

These sync cables are used with the ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA Silex Mk II. The main difference to the first series is the 12pin connector of the IQ4 digital backs. The new sync cables for IQ4 with 12pin connector are available in two variants: short and long. The cables are modular, therefore we can also provide the new 12pin leg if needed. Please contact us for details.

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