Phase One IQ3 100MP | ISO Sweep                      

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There really isn’t very much to say about these files.  We grabbed a friend, went out to the gulch, and shot some images.  We wanted to see what the new camera would do in natural light and at the new specifications. Enjoy!

Phase One IQ3 100MP, XF body, and Schneider Kreuznach 110mm AF f/2.8 Lens

Equipment Used

Phase One IQ3 100 Digital Camera Back

Phase One XF Camera System

Schneider 110mm LS Lens

Capture One 9.0 at Default Noise Settings

What questions were we trying to answer?

How well does 12,800 hold up with the new Phase One IQ3 100mp digital system?

What is the usable ISO range for me and my needs?

Thumbnail of ISO Sweep – 50-12,800 ISO

If you wanted to just choose one image to download then choose this one.  This is a 100% crop of the above thumbnail at each ISO.  Capture One 9 was used at default noise settings decided by the manufacturer for the IQ3 100mp system.  Its only 7mb and it is a great way to view the test.

ISO Strip 50-12800 (7.2 MB)

If you want to play with more files at each ISO, then here are the raws.  You will need Capture One 9.0 at a minimum to open these files and look at them properly.  LR, PS, or any other processing software is not ever recommended for raw processing by Capture Integration.  We highly recommend using the manufacturer’s raw processor designed for this sensor and its nuances.

ISO 50 (123.4 MB)
ISO 100 (117.7 MB)
ISO 200 (129.3 MB)
ISO 400 (135.6 MB)
ISO 800 (142 MB)
ISO 1600 (151.8 MB)
ISO 3200 (156.8 MB)
ISO 6400 (149.3 MB)
ISO 12800 (142.4 MB)

Color Checker (123.2 MB)

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