Profoto B10

The Profoto B10 and B10 Plus represent a new peak in the development of high performance monohead lighting solutions. At the same time compact and powerful, the Profoto light quality comes through both B10 models, and the user interface is the best interface in the lighting industry. There’s simply nothing else that compares to it.

The B10 and B10 Plus are compatible with over 100 Profoto light modifiers and shapers from both the OCF and RFI systems, to the array of reflectors and specialty accessories that create the unique Profoto look. With an elegance that comes with all Profoto products, the B10 and B10 Plus can be combined with the full system of Profoto Air controlled lighting solutions to create whatever light you need for any situation.

Key Benefits

  • Choice of 250ws and 500ws power options
  • Compatible with nearly all Profoto light shapers and modifers
  • Compact size, no larger than a medium to large size camera lens
  • Bright LED modeling lamp can be used for a continuous light source
  • Can be integrated into any Air controlled Profoto lighting array
  • Profoto quality and durability

Why It Matters To Us…

For many photographers, Profoto represents the lighting system they either one day hope to acquire or afterward, are glad that they own. Profoto is one of the more expensive lighting systems, but the price of entry today is much lower than in the past. And this means that creating a well rounded Profoto system is within the grasp of almost any photographer.

The B10 and B10 Plus Monoheads bring unprecedented performance and quality of light to the battery powered monohead category. And yet they are amazingly compact and reliable. Compared to the rest of the industry, the user interface is really at another level. And by having such a deep lighting system, there is unmatched flexibility as they all share the Air Remote controlled system.

Meet The Profoto B10 Family

  • 151mp BSI Sensor, RGBG
  • 14204 x 10650 pixels
  • ISO Range 50 – 25,600
  • 60 min exposures
  • Full Frame 645 sensor
  • Trichromatic filter set for purest color
  • 101mp CMOS Sensor
  • 11608 x 8708 pixels
  • ISO Range 50 – 12,800
  • 60 min exposures
  • Full Frame 645 sensor
Specification B10 PlusB10B1X
Max Energy500 Ws250 Ws500 Ws
f/stop @ 2M 100ISO16.711.9NA
Recycling Time.05-2.5s0.05-2s.1-1.9s
Modeling LampLED 2500 LumensLED 2500 LumensLED 2500 Lumens
Modeling Color Temp3000-6500 K3000-6500 K3000K only
Battery Capacity200 at Full Power400 at Full Power325 at Full Power
HSS and Air TTLYesYesYes
Air Channels20208
Cost -Single Head$2095$1695$2295
Cost Duo Kit$4095$3375$4390

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