Profoto D2

Profoto is a company that made their bones with industry leading studio lighting solutions. In today’s world of photography, projects are shot all over. And yet, the studio remains a unique and vital space for photography that asks for the very highest performance from a lighting system. The Profoto D2 takes the studio performance that Profoto is known for with their generators and exceeds that very high bar, but amazingly, in the form factor of a single monohead.

The D2 builds upon the trail blazing D1 Monohead and takes the performance to new heights. Blazing flash duration, super fast recycle times, amazing range, all coupled with studio quality durability – these are all hallmarks of the D2.

Key Benefits

  • Choice of 500ws or 1000ws
  • Flash duration up to 1/63,000
  • Recycle Time as fast as 0.03 sec
  • Compatible with nearly every Profoto modifier
  • HSS up to 1/8000th sync
  • Compatible with all Air – enabled Profoto lights

Why It Matters To Us…

Profoto battery powered monoheads are great. But when you need even more power and more performance, you turn to the Profoto D2. The Profoto D2 blows away the previous Profoto Pro 8 flagship generator and comes close to Pro 10 performance. All this at a fraction of the price.

If 500ws or 1000ws fulfills your power needs, and you need the highest performance, there is little reason to consider anything beside a D2 for studio work. Add to this performance with the ability to utilize all non-OCF Profoto modifiers, and you’ve made the jump from old world packs and heads to the new world performance monoheads without any sacrifice.

Quick to set up. Easy to use. Profoto doesn’t do complicated. The D2 is a light with few simple, intuitive controls and a large LED display that’s easy to read in the dark or in bright sunshine, where you often find some of the best photographers. So instead of fiddling with sub menus or user manuals, you can focus on being creative. And setting up takes seconds. Sometimes less is more.

Capture the moment in perfect light with AirTTLFinding the right exposure first time can be a challenge when time is limited or the light is constantly changing. AirTTL automatically finds it for you – so all you need to do is point and shoot. Alternatively, you can switch to manual mode, keep your previous TTL settings and fine tune the exposure until you achieve exactly the look and feel you want. And with Air Remote you can wirelessly trigger your lights at the click of a button up to a range of 300 m (1000 ft.) in direct sunlight.

Capture the actionShooting in super quick bursts of 20 flashes per second you can capture all of the action. Ask your subject to jump and you’ll have 20 mid-air exposures to choose from. And besides fast recycling, D2 can also sync with the quickest shutter speeds up to 1/8,000s.

Freeze the momentCreating crisp, sharp images with no motion blur is not a problem for the world’s fastest monolight. D2’s short flash duration of up to 1/63,000s enables it to freeze an image with absolute sharpness. You’ll notice that the finer details really stand out – a splash of water, a speck of powder, even a strand of hair.

Overpower any light. Or add a hint of light.D2’s wide 10-stop power range offers you flexible options for different lighting scenarios. It packs enough punch to overpower the sun and illuminate larger areas. Yet you can also use the lower f-stops to add a subtle hint of light in darker environments – perfect for when you want to create a cozy, moody atmosphere. Whatever you choose, it’s like having a complete palette of colors at your disposal.

Shape light in broad daylight with HSS With Profoto High-Speed Sync (HSS) it doesn’t matter how bright the sun shines. It enables you to use your flash at shutter speeds up to 1/8,000s. So you can overpower the sun and shape your light even with large apertures in broad daylight.

  • Max energy500 Ws and 1000 Ws
  • Energy range10 f-stops (1 – 500 Ws)
  • Energy control increments1/10 or full f-stops
  • Flash mode settingsFreeze (shortest flash duration) or Normal (color balanced) mode
  • Flash duration t0.5Normal mode: 1/2,600 s (500 Ws) – 1/17,000 s (1 Ws)
    Freeze mode: 1/2,600 s (500 Ws) – 1/63,000 s (1 Ws)
  • Flash duration t0.1Normal mode: 1/1,000 s (500 Ws) – 1/7,700 s (1 Ws)
    Freeze mode: 1/1,000 s (500 Ws) – 1/13,500 s (1 Ws)
  • Energy stability± 1/20 f-stop
  • Color temp stability±150 K over range. ±20 K flash to flash
  • F-stop @ 2m / 100 ISO45 8/10 with Magnum Reflector
  • TTLYes
  • HSSYes

Wireless connectivity

  • Operating rangeNormal sync and remote control up to 300 m (1000 ft). TTL and HSS up to 100 m (330 ft).


  • Width13 cm / 5.5 in
  • Length31 cm / 12.2 in
  • Height18 cm / 7.1 in
  • Weight3.0 kg / 6.6 lbs

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