Rental Policies & Forms

Expert Support

As the authorized expert of Phase One, Hasselblad, Fujifilm, Leica, Eizo, Cambo, ALPA and more – we aren’t just renting equipment; we know the equipment inside and out. We are often called by rental companies when a problem arises they can’t resolve. This support begins even before your rental starts. Our staff will be happy to provide basic training on any equipment you rent, either immediately before the rental, or at another pre-scheduled time. If you’d like more in-depth training we can include that as part of a rental package.

Professional, Well-Maintained Equipment

Capture Integration only rents the highest quality brands in photography and we keep our equipment clean. Every item is checked before rental to make sure it is in top working order. Firmware, software, and settings are kept up to date to ensure the smoothest operation.

Try Before You Buy

Please feel free to use a rental as a way of evaluating a potential purchase in your real-world workflow. If you purchase after renting part of your rental will be credited toward your purchase:

  • Buy within 1 week: 100% of your rental will be credited
  • Buy within 2 weeks: 75%
  • Buy within 3 weeks: 50%
  • Buy within 4 weeks: 25%

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Rental Period and Billable Days Explained

Capture Integration’s rentals are billed on a 4 – day week meaning 4 consecutive days of billing gets you 7 total days with the equipment. Your rental period begins when you receive the equipment and ends when you ship it out for return or deliver it in person to our headquarters in Atlanta. Capture Integration does not charge for shipping/transit days. Round-trip expedited shipping is standard for rentals nationwide. Drop off the camera at your nearby FedEx ship center by the ‘Return Date’ listed on your rental agreement for an on-time delivery. Doing this will avoid any late fees or additional charges. 

One-Day Weekend Billing Explained

Capture Integration looks to pass along savings to current and future clients by offering them aggressive pricing on all weekend rentals. Schedule your rental over the weekend receiving the equipment on Friday afternoon and returning it on Monday morning all for the cost of one day of rental. Normally rental houses will bill Saturday & Sunday as 2 days offering no discount to the renter.

What Needs to be on a Certificate of Insurance

We are here to make this as easy as possible. Please understand that the lack of a certificate of insurance, or a certificate that does not meet the requirements listed below, is the one thing that prevents us from renting on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and personally catered customer service, but we must have the certificate of insurance and it must meet the requirements below. If at any point the renter or insurance agent has any questions, contact Atlanta at 404-522-7662.

  • Name and address of insured party – MUST match the signature on the rental agreement
  • Policy number
  • Limits of policy
  • Special Conditions:
    • Capture Integration is named LOSS PAYEE & ADDITIONAL INSURED with regard to RENTAL EQUIPMENT valued at $__________ (e.g. a Phase One XF, IQ3-100, and 3 lenses might be valued at $50,000). This (“rental equipment” and “loss payee”) must be specifically listed, so please ask them specifically for it.
  • Certificate holder:
    • Capture Integration
      330 Peters Street, Suite 102
      Atlanta, GA 30313

Certificate holder must be insured during the dates of rental. Allowing an additional two days after the anticipated of the rental may be a good idea to allow flexibility in the event of a change in plans.

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