Rentals: Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1) How soon in advance must I place an order to reserve my equipment?

With the high demand for medium format camera systems, a 2-week advance notice will help place your equipment on hold and ensure its availability for your next job. There is no time limitation in how far in advance you would like to put your equipment on hold. It is very common to place an order 4-6 weeks out when bidding for a job.

2) Can Capture Integration provide me with same-day delivery if a last-minute job comes up or my camera goes down on set?

 Yes!  We are the only dealer in the United States that can provide same-day National delivery. Capture Integration is a certified Delta Dash shipping agent – utilizing airport-to-airport service. We can deliver equipment the same day 100% guaranteed across the United States. DASH shipments have the highest boarding priority and fastest transit times of any Delta Cargo product. (IMPORTANT:  Li-Ion batteries are NOT able to be sent via Delta Dash)

3) Does the Phase One camera come with software or a manual?

 If you plan on renting the Phase One IQ series digital back you will need Phase One’s Capture One software to process your raw files. Phase One offers a free version of their Capture One software for exclusive use with their digital backs. Download a ‘Trial’ version of Capture One from Capture One’s website, and if you need to access your Phase One files after the conclusion of the trial, we can provide you with a license code to access the ‘digital back’ version of Capture One for Phase One compatibility only . Doing this will allow you full access to the features of Capture One with the only limitation being that It only recognizes files created by a Phase One or Mamiya Leaf product. The latest product manuals can also be found on Phase One’s support section.

4) Does Capture Integration charge for shipping/transit days?

 Capture Integration does not charge for shipping/transit days. Round-trip expedited shipping is standard for rentals nationwide. Drop off the camera at your nearby FedEx ship center by the ‘Return Date’ listed on your rental agreement for on-time delivery. Doing this will avoid any late fees or additional charges. If you have any questions regarding the return process please contact the Rental department for assistance. 

5) Can my rental be applied towards a purchase?

Please feel free to use rental as a way of evaluating a potential purchase in your real-world workflow. If you purchase after renting part of your rental will be credited toward your purchase:

  • Buy within 1 week: 100% of your rental will be credited
  • Buy within 2 weeks: 75%
  • Buy within 3 weeks: 50%
  • Buy within 4 weeks: 25%

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6) What insurance agencies do you recommend for rental equipment insurance?

If you are in need of an insurance policy for an upcoming job – then look no further. Often times our clients look for short-term rental equipment coverage when they do not carry an annual policy. Below are a few of the insurance agencies who we recommend.

APA Photography Insurance

Tom C. Pickard Insurance Agency

Taylor and Taylor Insurance Agency

Hill & Usher Insurance Agency

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7) If I do not have insurance, can I use my credit card for a deposit?

 Unfortunately, no. Recent anti-fraud policies instituted with credit card processors have disabled our ability to place a hold on your card for the value of the equipment in lieu of insurance. 

8) I would like to extend my rental, how do I go about doing that?

 There should not be an issue with extending your rental. However, in order to do so please contact the Rental Dept. at your earliest convenience. Let us know your needs. Doing so will help with the equipment schedule for other clients and orders.

9) My job has been canceled and I no longer need the equipment I put on hold, will I still be charged?

 No, there is no cancellation charge for equipment that you put on hold during the bidding process. Once you know that you will no longer need the equipment please notify the Rental Dept. to release the hold.

10) Who do I contact If I am having technical issues with my rental?

Our Rental Department is available to help you troubleshoot your equipment when having technical issues. Give us a call at 404.522.7662 or send us an email to the link below.

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