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Update Your Firmware On Your Fujifilm GFX100 II to Version 1.10

Within moments it seems of the release of the new Fujifilm GFX100 II camera, Fujifilm released a firmware update. While feature firmware updates are common these days, a firmware update immediately after the launch of a new product is typically not going to have feature updates, but instead will address some technical issues and that […]

Fujifilm GFX : Focus Bracketing Is Not Just for Close-Ups

For years we’ve seen focus stacking with macro photography. Tiny screws that require 400 shots to be captured and stitched together to get one image with sharpness from front to back. The Fujifilm GFX100 / GFX100S / GFX50S II offers focus bracketing in-camera for any lens you can mount and use autofocus functions with. I […]

Phase One IQ4-150 Achromatic – High ISO or Push Process

We often field questions on best ISO use and cameras from various manufacturers have varying abilities to extend beyond their base exposure settings. While the more aged Phase One digital backs that held CCD sensor technology could run to 400 & 800 ISO’s, the resulting look would be much like high-speed color negative film, with […]

Fujifilm : Why Choose the GFX100 vs GFX100S?

When Fujifilm announced the new GFX100S back in January 2021, I, as well as many others assumed it was going to replace the older GFX100 model.  It did not. In fact, Fuji kept both GFX models in the lineup, despite the huge price discrepancy, yet similar specifications in a smaller, lighter package. They priced the […]