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Cambo RD-1100 Series : The Best Boom For Your Buck

The Compact Cambo Redwing Booms : The Cambo RD-1100, RD-1101, & RD-1105 are all versions of Compact Cambo REDWING Booms well known for smooth, easy movement, precise positioning, and quick setup. When mounted on the standard C-stand, the boom reaches full extension at approximately 7 feet, design to accommodate the average ceiling heigh of a […]

Capture One 23 : How to Stitch the Perfect Panorama

Lets start out with a few best practices! to capture the perfect images for stitching your panorama, consider the following • Shoot at 35mm or longer. • Use a tripod if possible. • Lock the focus and exposure between the shots. Manual is always better than Auto. • Shoot with 20-40% overlap Selecting the right […]

Phase One : Using Blue Ring lenses on XT and Cambo Tech Cameras

Cambo offers a WRS-M645 Lens Adapter that allows you to use Phase One Blue Ring lenses, Phase One LS lenses, and Mamiya 645 lenses on your XT and Cambo Technical bodies. This adapter requires either a Phase One IQ4 150 or IQ3 100 digital camera back that has Electronic Shutter control since you are not using […]

Capture One for iPad and your IQ-Series Digital Back

There are many times in many situations that it isn’t practical for a commercial or even advanced amateur shooter to tether into a laptop, and so, depending on the brand of camera you shoot, there are varyingly appropriate solutions available to help your mid-game… something less than a full laptop setup, but something more than […]