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Capture One for iPad, Cascable & your IQ4-150 digital back

The beta for the Capture One product aimed at iOS has finally released and with it, the hopes that our IQ4 clients would finally have a true mobile workflow for use with their best in the world digital back. Happy to report, that that workflow is very nearly here. While Capture One for iPad (really […]

FUJIFILM GFX 100S: Capture One Tethering with 3rd-Party Lenses

A great many of our clients have paired their GFX cameras with third-party lenses as well as transforming their fixed lens camera into the capture device for view cameras like the Cambo Actus GFX or the new Actus MV.  Very typically, these cameras are being used in a tethered environment and as it turns out, […]

Not All New Things Are Better – The P65+

Like fine wine In the age of innovation and technology, a new generation of your phone, software, or computer seem to come out once, or even twice every year. What iPhone are we on now, the 12, 13? Ive lost track. Its falsely assumed that the older your tech gets, the further it recedes into […]

The Quick Fix to Fujifilm Hot Pixels

Everyones got them Every digital sensor available to us in the consumer market is going to produce hot or dead pixels, but we normally rarely ever see them because those pixel sites are identified at the factory and are calibrated out per camera before we have a chance to see them. The only people on […]

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