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Phase One IQ4 Remote Application

Today, 30 months since the debut of the preeminent leader of digital back models on the planet, the Phase One IQ4 digital back gets wireless control capabilities via the iOS application, ‘Cascable’. Designed in Sweden and now in version 5 for iOS, Cascable offers control of a suite of different camera models from Japanese manufacturers […]

The Leaf Shutter Advantage over High Speed Sync for Strobes

Leaf shutters have a number of benefits over focal plane shutters, including vibration-free capture, but the most predominant is being able to sync flash at speeds far faster than the focal plane shutter.

Phase One Feature Update #8 – Service Release 1 Firmware Available

Officially released today, I’ve been working with the beta of Service Release 1 (version 8.01.0) for a couple weeks and can immediately recommend it for anyone who has already updated to System 8 on their IQ4 system. Features of Service Release 1 : Resolves the issue with receiving any supplemental powering from a USB-C computer […]

Feature Update 8 – USB Power NOT so Great

UPDATE: As of 2/19/21, the below described situation has for the most part been remedied by Firmware Update V8.01.0. For the last two days I’ve been on set shooting at a pretty demanding pace and I discovered that on Firmware 8, I could not get my 16″ MacBook Pro to share any power to the […]

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