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Arca-Swiss C1 Cube clicPan – A welcome upgrade to the world’s best Tripod Head

If you’ve read our reviews of tripod heads in the past, it will be of no surprise to you that the Arca-Swiss line is a shop favorite here, especially the C1 Cube. I’ve owned the original iteration for approximately 15 years and for the first time, I’m considering replacing it… with this new clicPan® variant […]

Profoto D2 & D2i Now Have 100 Channels! New Feature Update

Releasing by the end of August 2022! Profoto is launching a firmware update for all existing D2 & D2i For More Resources from Brad Kaye and the Medium Format Experts Follow Us, & Subscribe to Our Newsletter Mailing List!

Tech Tip : Fujifilm GFX Tethering Setup Options

When I’m shooting tethered, I love the immediate data redundancy of shooting to the laptop and recording to internal camera’s media card. However, I still need the ability to jump off my tether and go shoot untethered rogue. This dual recording is a great feature, but with some of my projects, it’s either unneeded or […]

Arca-Swiss: FlipLock Head Easy Fix for Loose Plate

Too loose for comfort Nothings worse than when the invisible force misplaces your tripod plate. Even worse when the new one technically fits… but its a millimeter or two short of that satisfying “not going anywhere” feel. This is where the Arca-Swiss FlipLock Head gets it right. How to get a secure fit Typically, with […]

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