10 Phase One Announcements at Photokina

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Every second year, the photo industry descends on a small German town to unveil their latest technology and innovation.  This marks the 26th year that I have been attending this strange happening they call Photokina in the gorgeous town of Koln. Thats correct, the English ignore that it is Koln, Deutschland, and we refer to it as Cologne, Germany.  There are complicated reasons tied to which tribe we originally recognized as dominant in the region, but I digress.  I now sit in my castle-hotel room on a rolling hilltop overlooking this city that the photo industry has just invaded.  The drunken debauchery of “Kina” seeps through my half cracked window as I sum up today’s informative presentation by Phase One.  The elite representatives from around the world are invited to this bi-annual event.  This year only 4 Partners from the United States were in attendance.  The meetings, discussions, heated debates, and “constructive sharing” is now done.  And now I can share with you the announcements that will be simultaneously released to the press this morning.

10: New Schneider Kreuznach 150mm LS f/2.8 IF (Blue Line)

I have always loved the Phase One 150mm D f/2.8 lens.  In fact, if flash synch didn’t matter, I would pick up that lens every single time due to its sharpness and incredible Bokeh.  Phase One today releases the Blue Line Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter version at the same fast speed of f/2.8.  Now you can have the build quality of the Blue line.  The custom calibration of the Blue Line.  And enjoy the best Bokeh in the entire system.  These lenses are shipping right away and will be offered at $6,990.“The 150mm f/2.8 definitely has a wow factor: It’s big, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. And it delivers!” – Vincent Lions

9: New Schneider Kreuznach 45mm LS f/3.5 (Blue Line)

Another lens that I have always recommended to my customers is the Phase One 45mm D.  Before the Schneider Kreuznach 35mm LS, it was the sharpest wide angle you could buy that maintained center to edge definition for the higher megapixel digital backs. Again, this design has been added to the Leaf Shutter Blue Line family.  Along with consistent sharpness, it is also distortion and aberration free.   So this is the perfect Wide for our architectural or reproduction customers.  And it is 33% smaller than the 35mm LS as well!  I ordered many of 45mm LS today and they should be at our office very soon.  It is priced at $5,990.“When it comes to balanced characteristics this lens really does have it all. Sharpness and fine detail are absolutely stunning.” – Joe Cornish

8: New Phase One IQ1 100 Digital Back

The same Phase One / Capture One quality that you have come to expect.  15 stops of Dynamic Range.  100mp of shocking detail.  The feature set that puts the competition to shame.   And all at a new pricing strategy of $32,990.  Call us about your upgrade path!

7: A smaller Line up of Digital Backs

The product offering was convoluted.  Some of the CCD sensors are no longer available.  It was time for a slim downed, easy to understand line of digital backs.   Today we say goodbye to new Dalsa 40mp and 60mp sensor based Phase One digital backs.  And we also say goodbye to the IQ2 series all together.  Now there will be strong differentiation between the XF Integration, Ultimate Value Added Warranty, Wifi enabled IQ3 series digital line up and the Open Architecture of the IQ1 series of digital systems.  The next section will show you the new pricing and new line up

6: New Pricing Strategies

IQ3 100$43,990
IQ3 80$32,990
IQ3 50$23,990
IQ1 100$32,990
IQ1 80$24,990
IQ1 50$18,990

5: Improved Warranty added to CI Customer Support

The IQ3 system has already set the standard in the medium format industry that all others are measured by.  All IQ3 systems have a 5 year warranty and 5 year Uptime Assurance.  However, now there won’t be a limit on the captures on your system. The improved shutter on the new XF cameras will be covered for the life of the IQ3 bundle warranty regardless of your production workflow.  This is a significant statement and one that will bring comfort to our high volume studios.“We promise to respond within 8 hours but that’s typically 7 hours more than we need” – Ulf Liljegren, Phase One Support Manager

4: Limited Contax and Hasselblad V backs

I will never be that person who sells their Hasse V system on eBay or Craigslist.  If anyone knows me, they know that one of my mantra’s is “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.”  The Hasselblad 500 series of Medium Format bodies will always be one of the greatest camera lines ever produced in our industry.  There is something to be said about picking up your 503 off the shelf and knowing that the batteries don’t need to be charged or firmware needs updating. It just worked.  Alas, the demand in the industry has dropped.  And it just isn’t financially viable to produce digital backs with either the classic Hasselblad V or Contax 645 mount anymore.  Thus, the IQ150 and the IQ180 will be the last backs produced in these mounts.  If you have been waiting for the right time to convert your Contax 645 to shoot digital, then now is the time.  We will be having some great end of year deals on new and pre-owned.  Give us a call and lets see if we have the right price point for you today!

3: BOB and the Trees

I know that you won’t get that reference but its personal (if you get a chance, watch it on Netflix).  Phase One’s new Break out Box (BOB), XF Power Supply, and Hahnel Cable releases are shipping and in stock.  And they can be purchased online at out online store here:  DigitalBack.com

2: Capture One Pro update

Does your new SLR not tether?  Having some issues with 16 bit Tiff’s in the OS?  A new upgrade is on its way.  Is it released for the show this week?  No….. but it is very soon.  : )

1: Big things coming for the XF Camera System

With all these announcements, I am most excited about features that I can’t even discuss today.  The absolute innovation that XF has brought to our medium format platform is only getting better.  The process and features that I worked with today have me incredibly excited about the XF medium format camera’s future.   There isn’t any chance that I would invest in any other system when I see what is on the horizon for this Phase One XF.   I wish that I could even hint but I………. I need some sleep.   Stay tuned for my next Photokina update tomorrow with other great products and my personal insight!

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