Add a Cambo WRS Body to your XT System for More Shift

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Phase One X Cambo

WRS + XT for More Shift!

The Phase One XT Camera represents a great innovation for technical camera photography. It features the X Shutter, which provides complete control of the lens shutter and aperture from the rear interface of the IQ4 digital back, which allows even exposure bracketing, and other control features. And complete electronic integration, no cables, no wake up. However, due to its compact size, the XT Camera is limited to 12mm shift in any direction. Meanwhile, Cambo WRS technical cameras have been around for years and offer shift up to 20mm or 25mm. 

Dave’s prized #2 65 Anniversary Edition WRS 5000 (Not for Sale!)

The lens interface for the Phase One XT lenses shares the same mount as the Cambo WRS lens interface. Can an XT lens be used on a Cambo WRS technical camera? Yes it can. Considering every lens in the current Rodenstock lineup except the 23HR-S and 32HR-W has extensive shift latitude well beyond 12mm, it seems a shame to not take full advantage of that.

Yes, with the Cambo there’s a cable. But all X Shutter lens operations can be controlled from the IQ4.

Rodenstock 40HR-W/50HR-W/70HR-W/90HR-SW/138HR-SW/180HR-S – all these lenses have more shift latitude than the XT Camera can accommodate.

This goes as well for legacy Schneider lenses, in which lenses from 43mm and beyond will also perform in excess of 12mm shift. And yet, the integration and the compact size and light weight are such strong features of the XT Camera.

So why not add a Cambo WRS/WRC body to your existing XT system? Have photographers ever relied upon only one camera? (rarely) If you already have a Cambo body and would like to modify it to accommodate XT lenses, this is done easily enough, the cost is $528 + shipping. Please contact us and we’ll take care of this process for you.

Cambo’s version of a Happy Meal.

A good example of an image that a Cambo WRS body opens up is the one below, which was taken with a Phase One IQ4 150 digital back on a Cambo WRS 1600 and the Rodenstock 90 HR-SW lens. This lens has a 120mm image circle, and can easily shift in excess of 30mm. The below capture was shifted 20mm. I could not have captured this with the XT camera and the 90mm lens, but having a modified Cambo body for these occasions allows that capture to happen.

Rodenstock 90 HR-SW, 20mm vertical shift.

By Steve Hendrix

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