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The ALPA 12 FPS is a camera system that’s receiving more attention everyday. This system is very unique – due to its ability to pair digital backs with so many lenses:

  • ALPA
  • Mamiya / Phase One 645
  • Hasselblad V
  • Leica M and R
  • Contax
  • Canon EF
  • Nikon F and FG
  • Olympus OM

Through internal testing and demonstration, the FPS paired with the Phase One IQ backs and Canon tilt-shift lenses stands as one of the most powerful systems on the market today. Stay posted to our blog for our upcoming feature on the FPS. Consider this the teaser. 

ALPA has an excellent article (with hi-res downloads) to illustrate how far this system can expand. We’ve found this to be a very valuable resource, and wanted to share this with our clients and visitors. Check out the post on ALPA’s website to download the hi-res images to learn more about this incredible camera system. The FPS, along with all ALPA products, is available for sale and rental through Capture Integration. Please contact the sales team if you’d like more information.

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With the ALPA 12 FPS the photographer can use a wide selection of high-end ALPA lenses as well as lenses from other manufacturers and types. This opens up the use of brand-new or fond old lenses from dozens of different manufacturers of optical systems – with or without a central shutter and with or without manual or electronic aperture control. Plus a free choice of format – only limited by the image circles of the lenses and by the sensor sizes.

Have a look on a selection of demo images taken with various lenses/brands in order to demonstrate what can be expected. The pictures reveal some hidden reserves in image circle and stunning results.

All the samples are taken with a standard ALPA 12 FPS and Phase One IQ180. They show 100% of the image plus frames indicating 24×36 mm, 33×44 mm, 37×49 mm and 36×56 mm formats for a better interpretation next to the main technical data. All lenses – new and used – are not specially selected or modified for this test. The RAW development took place with Capture One Pro and its standard settings.

Check out the post on ALPA’s website to download the hi-res images to learn more about this incredible camera system.

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