ALPA 12 PANO Rosewood – US Orders Now Available

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The Ultimate Panorama Tool…

ALPA 12 pano roseweood

The ALPA 12 PANO was introduced in 2018, but unfortunately for those in the US, it has not been available for sale. That is not until now!

The ALPA Alpagon Lenses HR 70, 90 and 138mm offer a large image circle that often cannot be used in its entirety. Which is why the ALPA 12 Pano was built to be the optimal stitching machine. Especially one perfectly designed to take breathtaking panoramas.

The new ALPA 12 PANO opens up completely new perspectives. Movement of only 10 to 12 millimeters are not enough. That is why the PANO offers a full 35mm of horizontal movement to the left and right with a newly conceived shifting system and fixed dentents for pre-programmed final formats. We will also be keeping the 10mm for further rise and fall simultaneously!

The advantages of “flat stitching” over simple rotation are manifold. In particular, the time consuming search for nodal points is no longer necessary. The new live view back allows for convenient and straightforward framing which eliminates a lot of the guess work that is often the case with rotational panoramas

The camera shares the handgrip with the ALPA 12 MAX and apart from the spirit level module provided, additional elements can be mounted. The camera offers four mounting points in total

A First Hand Review…

CI’s Brad Kaye has been fortunate enough to get his hands on the only ALPA 12 PANO that made its way into the US after its initial release.

Here at the shop we have the luxury of choosing from the worlds best camera systems anytime we want to shoot. I have long enjoyed technical camera shooting because of the uncompromised control these camera systems provide for the photographer, whether it is for exacting composition, or to utilize multifocal benefits from single focal length lenses through stitching, combined with the ability to capture significantly more pixels than the sensor itself can image in a single frame. 

One of our clients has the only ALPA Pano in the United States and for the last several years since its initial limited run, I have had the privilege and opportunity to shoot this camera a number of times for commercial projects and it is seriously the most enjoyable technical camera I’ve ever used. Just the tactile sense of operating this camera is extremely rewarding and the engineering of its movements are so precise and repeatable across its entire 70mm range that you can capture multi-image stitches exceedingly well even in falling and changing light.

Every other technical camera’s focus is on the ability to make nuanced changes to the composition of a single image, but ALPA has always provided extreme value for anyone stitching multiple images from a single scene in all of their models (except the small TC that has no shifts at all) by utilizing the ability to move quickly between extremes in the camera by the simple disengagement of the finely tuned geared movement. The ALPA Pano doubles down on the philosophy and excels in moving rapidly between multiple camera shifts so that panoramic sequences are captured quickly and without effort.

I’m excited that more technical camera enthusiasts will now be able to shoot this camera as well.


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