Alpa Is In The X Shutter Game

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This morning we received an official statement from Alpa, which we have reproduced below.


New Photographic Functionality To Come

Alpa Press Release. For Immediate Release.

Phase One has announced the introduction of the X-Shutter. This new type of electromagnetic leaf shutter allows vastly extended shutter speeds from 1/1000 second to 60 seconds. It can be used with essential digital lenses and replaces a Copal size 0 shutter. A Phase One IQ4 digital back is mandatory for the operation of the X-Shutter. 

ALPA will offer its ALPAGON/ALPAR lens series as a variant in X-Shutter as soon as they are generally available and once the whole original equipment process is robust and proven. Simultaneously ALPA will then offer lens conversions to X shutter. Please note that these shutters cannot be purchased separately for technical reasons. ALPA will publish a revised list of existing ALPAGON / ALPAR / HELVETAR / SWITAR and third party lenses qualifying for the conversion as soon as possible. We will later also inform you about the prices and the whole timeline.

We are delighted to offer you another future-oriented and powerful photographic solution with the X-Shutter soon.

PS: The current lens portfolio will still be available in shutterless aperture mounts for Electronic Shutter and the ALPA 12 FPS. 

Warm regards from Zurich,
your ALPAs

The CI Take

There has been much speculation as to where where Alpa fits in the X Shutter universe, given the native Cambo WRS mount of the XT camera. However, we have always known that Alpa is too successful and important an innovator in the technical camera segment to be left out of a development of such importance. It was simply a matter of time.

What this now means is that Alpa users and prospective owners can take advantage of the X Shutter should they choose – that lenses for their Alpa cameras will have the same X Shutter via cable solution that Cambo owners do. When will this happen? TBD. Which lenses will be compatible? We expect a similar list to what has been published so far from Cambo, but these lenses will of course be able to be mounted in Alpa lenspanel with the X Shutter.

This is welcome news from the Alpa Team.

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