ALPA Exclusive! Schneider APO-DIGITAR 4.5/90 mm

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Exciting News from Alpa ….

Schneider APO-Digitar 4.5/90 mm SB34 Lens in Alperture Mount on Alpa 12 STC

Alpa has released a unique design of the compact and powerful Schneider Apo-Digitar 4.5/90 mm in a new configuration. The new ALPA-version is now available with Schneider Aperture Unit and Rodenstock helical, including a dedicated HPF-ring with precise distance scale.

The Short Barrel 34 version can be used with any ALPA 12 camera (TC, STC, SWA, Max, Plus, XY)  and digital back with an electronic shutter (Phase One IQ3 100, Phase One IQ4 100, Phase One IQ4 150). When mounted to the Alpa 12 FPS, the Alpa 90mm Digitar in Aperture mount can be used with any digital back, as it can benefit from the built-in focal-plane shutter of the FPS.

This lens is very, very small, but produces big results!

Important Notes on Performance

The Schneider-Kreuznach 90mm/4.5 APO Digitar was a well regarded lens that was a central part of Schneider’s APO Digitar lineup. It is an excellent performer at both near (1:4) distance and out to infinity. With a reasonable image circle of 90mm and the SB34 mounting, this lens will enable substantial shifts on an Alpa 12 STC, Max, or Plus. The added benefit is that this lens was always small, light and compact. With the Aperture mounting, and no copal shutter, it is even smaller and lighter.

Alpa Schneider 90mm Digitar on the venerable SWA with IQ3 100

Technical Specifications

Lens Data

  • Aperture 4.5 f
  • Image Circle 90 mm
  • Close Focus 1.20 m


  • Comparable Focal Length @ 33×44 -70 mm
  • Comparable Focal Length @ 40×54 – 58 mm
  • Lens Shift X @ 33×44 20 mm +/-
  • Lens Shift Y @ 33×44 23 mm +/-
  • Lens Shift X @ 40×54 13 mm +/-
  • Lens Shift Y @ 40×54 16 mm +/-
  • Best F Stops Digital 8-11
  • Best F Stops Film f8 – f22


  • Aperture Unit


  • Width 90 mm
  • Height 90 mm
  • Length 50 mm
  • Weight 300 g

Ready To Order

To order or learn more about the product please give us a call at 877-217-9870. You can also complete the form below.

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