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What’s a Gon? Goniometry is the science of measuring things, most common when surveying objects. In the Architectural Photography field, GON and not degree is the standard unit of measurement. Alpa is committed to the work of their customers,and sometimes refers to them when naming their products.

There are the ALPAGON lenses and the tripod heads are simply called GON.

Alpa is confident that their new GON products will make ALPA cameras even more flexible.

The two goals of the ALPA GON were to make them more versatile, and adapt them to the concept of modularity. In this case, the best way to achieve this was to split the functionality of the existing leveling head into parts and add new technology. The result in a more satisfying solution for our customers.

Now there is one product for each setting instead of one for all. Photographers can combine different GON into one tripod head that perfectly fits their subject.

The ALPA GON Modular Tripod Head System from ALPA of Switzerland on Vimeo.

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