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The ALPA 12 STC is not only a compact camera, but at the same time also the most versatile. Both is located in its genes: When ALPA introduced the camera in 2010, customers placed the desire to unite the ingenious compactness of the ALPA 12 TC with the adjustment of a technical camera. At the time, especially landscape photographers voiced the need for increased resolution via stitching due to the still relatively small and low-resolution sensors back then. For this reason, the ALPA 12 STC shifts horizontally in its normal configuration. Its name therefore originates from the abbreviation Stitching Travel Compact.

As a compact ‘shift module’ for the ALPA 12 FPS, the STC plays its strengths in combination with ALPA lenses in SB-34 mount or Hasselblad V lenses:

But the compact all-rounder also performs well in the vertical: numerous ALPA photographers use the little sister of ALPA Max as a handy camera for architecture with ample displacement (+/- 18mm):

Lately, ALPA has received many requests from users who prefer the save tripod usage in challenging environmental conditions (wind, etc.) with the handgrip facing upwards. ALPA responded to these requests with the introduction of the new STC stitching adapter:

The new STC stitching adapter with integrated dovetail allows the connection to UniQ / C compatible accessories like the ALPA Micro 3D tripod head. Together with the already launched tripod plates Dove Tail Tripod Mount Small and Dove Tail Tripod Mount Large in 2014, it highlights the commitment of ALPA to the platform-spanning and future-proof UniQ / C system. The ALPA 12 STC stitching adapter is now available.

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