Amazing Clients + Amazing Workshop

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Engagement- To establish a meaningful contact or connection with someone

Are you being engaged enough?  Are you engaging your peers in the industry?  Are you sharing yourself and your experiences with others in a meaningful way?

We are forever grateful for the amazing clients we have in our industry from all around the world.  Once a year we put on a “workshop” that just covers the expenses of collecting as many of our customers as possible in Caramel, CA.   Photographer, father, and all around good guy, Ken Doo, initiated this workshop with CI 9 years ago and we are thrilled to be able to keep this tradition going today.  As for CI, we are able to catch up with loyal customers and establishing new ones in a gorgeous part of the country.  For our customers, they are able to play with new gear and connect with their like minded peers with amazing stories and experiences to share.  This event is one of the highlights of our year and we can’t say enough about what a great time is had by all.

And Thank You again to our fearless leader Ken Doo!
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