Arca Swiss : Core 75 vs. 60 Leveler

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ARCA-SWISS announces an addition to the Core leveler product line – The Core 75 leveler

ARCA-SWISS Core leveler tripod heads will soon be available in two versions: the original Core 60 leveler, and the new higher capacity Core 75 leveler. The Core leveler tripod heads are characterized by high precision, simple handling and fast setup. Perfect for quickly leveling the camera.

Compared to the Core 60 leveler, the new Core 75 leveler is physically larger with a diameter of 75mm, higher load capacity of 66 lbs, and extended tilt range. The Core 75 leveler is equipped with micro-metric movements of +/- 15° each in the X and Y axes. Fluid and precise movements are provided by two gear driven micro-metric self-locking control knobs. A telescopic feature of the control knobs provides efficient handling of the Core 75 leveler when larger cameras are mounted or full movement is applied. Dual panning mechanisms, one located at the base and a second under the quick release, allow photographers a choice when photographing captures for panoramas, single or multi-row.

As with the ARCA-SWISS C1 Cube, the Core 75 leveler movements work within an arc, keeping the camera centered over the tripod when the camera is tilted.

Like all tripod heads from ARCA-SWISS, Core 75 leveler is available with a choice of quick release: Classic, flipLock®, and monoball®Fix. Classic and flipLock® quick releases are equipped with dual channel dovetails. Classic camera plates mount in the upper dovetail. Monoball®Fix and ARCA-SWISS camera monorails mount in the lower channel. MonoballFix quick releases are single channel and only compatible with monoball®Fix plates and accessories or with ARCA-SWISS monorail.

Technical Specifications

Tilt range : X-axis: ± 15°, Y-axis: ± 15°

Load Capacity : 30 kg / 66 lbs

Panning: 360°, dual panning, one at base & one under the quick release

Weight : from 590 g / 1.3 lbs

Diameter : Ø 75 mm / Ø 3”

Height: 69 mm – monoball®Fix, 78 mm – Classic & flipLock®


860112, ARCA-SWISS Core 75 leveler, Classic $812

860113, ARCA-SWISS Core 75 leveler, flipLock® $835

860111, ARCA-SWISS Core 75 leveler, monoball®Fix $784

For ordering and product details, contact your favorite account representative at Capture Integration.

Or dial: 1-877-217-9870


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