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Pre-Owned Medium Format

BrandProduct Original PriceSales Price
Phase One28mm AF Aspherical Lens $5,990$2,490
Schneider Krueznach40-80mm LS f/4-5.6 Lens$5,990$2,990
Phase One 45mm AF D f/2.8 Lens$2,990$890
Mamiya 55mm Sekor D LS f/2.8 Lens$2,990$1,290
Schneider Krueznach 55mm LS f/2.8 Lens$3,990$1,490
Schneider Krueznach 55mm BR LS f/2.8 Lens$5,990$3,490
Schneider Krueznach 75-150mm LS f/4-5.6 Lens$6,490$2,690
Phase One 75-150mm AF f/4.5 Lens$2,490$990
Schneider Krueznach 80mm LS f/2.8 Lens$2,490$299
Schneider Krueznach 80mm BR LS f/2.8 II Lens $5,990$5,390
Schneider Krueznach 110mm LS f/2.8 Lens$3,990$1,690
Phase One 120mm Macro f/4 Lens$2,990$890
Schneider Krueznach 120mm BR LS f/4 Lens$7,490$4,490
Phase One 150mm AF D f/2.8 Lens$2,990$1,090
Mamiya 150mm Sekor D f/2.8 Lens$2,990$990
Schneider Krueznach 150mm BR LS f/3.5 Lens$5,990$3,490
Mamiya 300mm AFD Lens$1,990$399
Phase One IQ3 60MP Digital Back $24,990$6,490
Phase One 645DF+ Body$3,490$1,190
Phase One 645DF Body$3,490$790
Phase One XF HAP-1 Body $8,990$4,990
Phase One XF HAP-2 Body $8,990$5,990
Phase One IQ1 100 for XF$29,990$12,990
Phase OneIQ3 100 Trichromatic$34,990$17,990
LeafCredo 80$29,990$5,990

Pre-Owned Lighting

ProductOriginal PriceSales Price
Profoto B1 Air 500 Duo Kit$3,695$2,395
Profoto Giant Reflector 240$10,490$4,990
Profoto Pro-7a 2400Ws with Pro 7 Head $10,5003,990
Profoto OFC 1x3' Softbox$229$169
broncolor Topas A4 Pack$3,990$1,490
broncolor 2.5' Octabox$244$139
broncolor 1.2x2' Softbox$190$99
broncolor Beauty Dish$582$199

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