broncolor Introduces new broncolor FT System

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The broncolor FT System is a continuous lighting system, which is simply unbeatable for light output, flexibility and simplicity.

With four Para reflectors available including accessories and a choice of 1600 W daylight or 2000 W halogen lamps, the FT-System is as easy to extend as it is to use.

The broncolor HMI FT1600 is dimmable, provides constant colour at all times, and so is easy to mix with flash and daylight. The light is absolutely flicker-free and thus perfect for high-speed exposures. With a CRI of 95+, the light quality is outstanding.

Halogen light can also be used with the FT System. The FT focusing rod is then fitted with a 2000 Watt halogen lamp. The lamphead is then connected directly to the mains without an electronic ballast unit.

The FT rod (for HMI or halogen) can be simply replaced by an F rod for mounting a flash source. And with the right adapter, broncolor lamps and those of many other manufacturers can be mounted in Paras.

With the FT System you are set up for fantastically creative pictures

Should your needs grow, the system is modular and can be expanded as you wish. There is nothing that can come between your ideas and perfect lighting.

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