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broncolor Announces New Siros Monobloc

broncolor continues its tradition of professional level lighting tools with their announcement of the new broncolor Siros. Available in two different power levels, 400J or 800J, the Siros also comes in a basic- or S-model version as well. The Siros S includes the ECTC technology that allows guarantees flash durations from 1/13,000th of a second (t0.5) and constant color at all times. Both flashes come with an enormous control range that goes up to 9 f-stops in 1/10th of a stop steps, meaning you can have output as low as 2 joules to give an unparalleled flexibility to any photo shoot. With this large range of power selection comes a lighting quick charging time, from 0.02 to 0.9 seconds at 400 joules. All Siros flashes can use broncolor’s wide range of light modifiers, but two new reflectors have been developed specifically for Siros, including an umbrella reflector (which doubles as transport protection when used with the included cover) as well as a size optimized reflector, the L40, with a snap-in system for mounting honeycomb grids.

With the launch of the Siros, broncolor has also announced the bronControl app, allowing a user to connect the Siros flash to a local WiFi network, and adjust power from your iPad or iPhone. WiFi connectivity requires the purchase of a WiFi enabled flash head.

You can get the Siros in a basic model, or choose to install a broncolor RFS 2.1 system. However, in an exciting partnership with PocketWizard, the Siros comes with a special PocketWizard transmitter that works on ControlTL Channels with the PocketWizard MiniTT1 or FlexTT5. This PocketWizard module, when used with the special HS flash tube, allows end users to use HyperSync to break past their camera’s X-sync limit, allowing 35mm Canon or Nikon users to shoot up to 1/8000th of a second.

Full technical specifications can be found below:

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