Cambo Actus-DB Shoot – Brighton Results

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This is blog post originally was published on Cambo UK and has been posted with permission by CamboUK.

Cambo ACTUS-DB and CBH-6 Ball Head ©CamboUK

During our visit to the Royal Pavilion Gardens we demonstrated the Actus-DB with the Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 digital back. The Cambo Actus-DB camera platform is designed to work with digital back systems from Mamiya Leaf, Phase One and Hasselblad. Utilising the same Actus design and focus rail; the front and rear standard of the DB is higher to accommodate the combination of lenses and digital backs.

Equipment used for these captures; Cambo Actus-DB, Schneider Apo Digitar 43XL lens, Cambo CBH-6 Ball Head and Leaf Credo 50 Digital Back.

Royal Pavilion Gardens Brighton ©CamboUK

Capture Process

We composed the image and checked the focus so that we would have the face of the gateway in focus down to the shrubbery in the foreground. Then by focussing on the Gateway first and applying enough tilt on the front of the camera; this was done 3 times to fine tune, the image is sharp from front to back. We captured at 1/125th and set the aperture at f11 as this is the best to obtain the ultimate quality from this lens. As in the previous images I wanted to enhance the gateway and also lift the shadows. To do this I adjusted the High Dynamic range in the RAW file. Capture One handles this information incredibly well and shows plenty of detail in the stone work and copper roof.

Pavilion Gateway Focus Adjustment ©CamboUK

Additional sharpness is always required to the RAW file, I added the following; Amount 140, Radius 1.0 and Threshold 2.0. As you can see the final detail is excellent, and the overall result and sharpness is exactly what was required.

Pavilion Gateway Tilt Adjustment ©CamboUK


As we were using the Leaf Credo 50 we had a choice of focus methods. The first is by using the traditional groundglass with a flexible focussing hood or Cambo Shiftable Loupe with Schneider optics. This method is tried and tested and many photographers are use to using a groundglass.

The second option is by using the Live View focus of the Credo 50. I was very impressed with both the speed/refresh rate of live focus, as in the past digital systems were very slow and cumbersome. The Credo 50 employs a CMOS sensor which offers improved performance. Live View will work in most conditions so there is no need to add an ND filter before adjusting the focus. Simply click on 100%, check the focus point, click the foreground at 100% and adjust the tilt – job done!

Leaf Credo 50 ©CamboUK

Please bear in mind we are using screen captures or images downsized to the blog dimensions. The quality of the RAW files are extremely high and very large files sizes. If you wish to see the Cambo Actus DB in action then send us an email and we’ll discuss your requirements.

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