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Cambo ACTUS-MV with IQ Phase One

What is the USA List Price?

Camera Body only: $4,595 

Camera Body Kit: $5,374 – $5,842 (depending upon camera interface) 

When will it be available for order?

It is available now for order!

What are the available movements?

20mm/20mm – Front Horizontal Shift

20mm/20mm – Front Vertical Shift

15mm/15mm – Front Tilt

30º/30º – Front Swing

20mm/20mm – Rear Horizontal Shift

20mm/20mm – Rear Vertical Shift

15mm/15mm – Rear Tilt

How much does the Cambo MV weigh?

The Camera Body is 6.2 pounds. (in comparison, the Actus G is 2.7 pounds, the Actus XL is 10.6 pounds).

How long is the maximum extension of the standard rail?

The standard base rail is 140mm.

Can the MV be easily disassembled for packing into a backpack, for example?

Yes, each standard slides off the base rail by depressing a locking button.

Are my existing Actus components compatible with the MV?

Yes, lens boards, camera mounts, bellows and rails are all compatible. However, in some cases there are new versions that have advantages specific to the MV.

Will there be a longer base rail available?

At this point, it is unknown, but if you would like a longer base rail, it is important to let your voice be heard.

Can the lensboard still be reversed via the 360º swing as on previous Actus models?

Unfortunately, no, there is a hard stop at the 30º mark.

Why does the original GFX 100 required a different interface than the GFX 100s?

The original Fuji GFX 100 has a built-in vertical grip that is interfered with by the rear standard when attempting to rotate the camera.

What are the dimensions of the laser cut foam packaging?

With top bellows layer: 6-1/4″ x 9″ x 12-5/8″. Without bellows layer: 5-1/4″ x 9″ x 12-5/8″.

Will there be rotating mounts developed for Hasselblad H and Contax mount digital backs?


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