Cambo Announces Phase One X Shutter Products

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What is the X Shutter?

The X shutter is Phase One’s redesigned industrial electronic shutter with a smaller form factor. The shutter has shown amazing reliability in industrial applications with a life span that we have not seen out of any shutter in the past. This new smaller redesign allows a direct replacement of the discontinued mechanical copal shutter systems that have been our staple product in high end reproduction.  

It is very important to note, the new X Shutter, while compatible with a variety of new and old lenses, can only be driven by the firmware of the Phase One IQ4 series of digital backs. An external cable will now drive the lens directly from the digital back interface. All aperture, shutter speed, and other controls will be available in new firmware released some time in November of 2020.

Quality glass gets new life

Cambo now has the ability to replace existing shutters in Schneider and Rodenstock lenses. This will again breathe life into high quality optics that have been unusable due to broken or unreliable copal shutters. Strobe and flash synch users now have new options that rolling shutters can’t achieve. The following lenses can be upgraded to the new X-Shutter. 

Schneider LensRodenstock Lens
47mm APO Digitar HR Digaron-S 23mm
60mm APO Digitar XLHR Digaron-W 32mm
72mm APO Digitar XLHR Digaron-W 40mm
80mm APO Digitar M MacroHR Digaron-W 50mm
90mm APO Digitar NHR Digaron-S 60mm
100mm APO Digitar NHR Digaron-W 70mm
120mm APO Digitar N,Macro,+ASPHHR Digaron-SW 90mm
150mm APO Digitar NHR Digaron-S 100mm
180mm APO Digitar THR Digaron-S 180mm
210mm APO Digitar T

Tilt Swing panels are now available in X Shutter

One huge advantage that sets Cambo apart from other manufactures is the ability to have both Tilt and Swing view camera movements in their technical cameras at the same time. Phase One XT customers now have a feature that they have been requesting for precise focal plane placement and maximized depth of field. The following lenses can be modified with Tilt Swing panels

Cambo Tilt Swing Panel X-Shutter Compatibility
Wide-T/S 32mm HR Digaron-W*
Wide-T/S 35mm HR Digaron-S*
Wide-T/S 40mm HR Digaron-W*
Wide-T/S 50mm HR Digaron-W*
Wide-T/S 70mm HR Digaron-W*
Wide-T/S 90mm HR Digaron-SW Short Barrel with Spacer
Wide-T/S 90mm HR Digaron-SW Long Barrel*
Wide-T/S 180mm HR Digaron-S Long Helical w Spacer
* Compatible with Phase One XT Body

But what does it cost?

The price to upgrade your existing lens to the new electronic shutter isn’t for the faint of heart. However, adding Tilt Swing movements to your existing XT lens is surprisingly inexpensive. The upgrade cost can get confusing so we will try to make it as simple as possible:

  • Shutter Only = $4,900
  • Bare lens to Wide RS Lenspanel = $4,900 + $1,249*
  • Bare lens to Wide T/S Lenspanel = $4,900 + $2,129*
  • XT Lens to Wide T/S Lenspanel = $2,336
  • * Longer lenses are slightly higher – quoted with prices for 10/2020


All Cambo US Dealers can order your upgrade and place you in the queue immediately. However, installation and retrofits will not begin until the middle of November. It is important that you don’t wait as there will only be a limited availability in 2020. Contact your Capture Integration sales person right away if you have any questions or to place your order.

New Lenses Direct from Cambo also available

And finally, if you are a view camera user and just want to add a new lens to your collection, or if you are a Cambo Technical Camera user and want to control the lens with your IQ4, then you can order brand new lenses with X Shutter pre-mounted directly from your Cambo US Dealer. These lenses represent a significant savings over any upgrades, retrofits, or buying lenses directly from Phase One.

Part NumberDescriptionPriceXT Compatible
Bare Lens - No Mount
99990033X 5.6 90 HR-SW X-Shutter$9,768
99970033X 5.6 70 HR-W X-Shutter$5,961
99950033X 4.0 50 HR-W X-Shutter$8,077
99940033X 4.0 40 HR-W X-Shutter$8,183
99932033X 4.0 32 HR-W X-Shutter$11,378
99923033X 5.6 23 HR-S X-Shutter$10,945
99918033X 5.6 180 HR-S X-Shutter$7,288
99913833X 6.5 138 HR-SW X-ShutterTBA 2021
Wide RS X Shutter Lens Panel
99164123Wide-RS 23 mm HR Digaron-S Lenspanel$11,295Yes
99164132Wide-RS 32 mm HR Digaron-W Lenspanel$11,695Yes
99164140Wide-RS 40 mm HR Digaron-W Lenspanel$9,575Yes
99164150Wide-RS 50 mm HR Digaron-W Lenspanel$9,575Yes
99164170Wide-RS 70 mm HR Digaron-W Lenspanel$6,945Yes
99164190Wide-RS 90 mm HR Digaron-SW Lenspanel Short Barrel + Spacer$11,849With front spacer
99164138Wide-RS 138 mm HR Digaron-Float / Long barrelTBA 2021Yes
99164180Wide-RS 180HR Digaron-S Long Helical / Short Barrel + Spacer$9,270With front spacer
Wide T/S X Shutter Lens Panel
99164232Wide-T/S 32 mm HR Digaron-W Lenspanel$12,840Yes
99164240Wide-T/S 40 mm HR Digaron-W Lenspanel$10,725Yes
99164250Wide-T/S 50 mm HR Digaron-W Lenspanel$10,725Yes
99164270Wide-T/S 70 mm HR Digaron-W Lenspanel$8,095Yes
99164290Wide-T/S 90 mm HR-Digaron-SW Short Barrel Lenspanel +Spacer$12,995With front spacer
99164280Wide-T/S 180HR Digaron-S Long Helical / Short Barrel + Spacer$10,420With front spacer
99162149Wide-RS Front Spacer 48 for Short Barrel Panel fit to XT body$545

There is a ton of information on this one page. And it can even be confusing for the current dealer base. If we can answer any questions for you please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

Call us (877) 217-9870

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