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Canon lens control prototype

Cambo is showing a solution to control the aperture of Canon lenses when using the ACTUS mini view camera.

The lens plate has electronic contacts that couples to the Canon lens and the control unit communicates through the lens plate. This enables you to select the aperture. Powered by penlight batteries this system is designed to be portable.


This morning we had the chance to show the Cambo ACTUS to Kristian Lam and the Blackmagic team in Hall 4.2

As you can see its a perfect fit and offers options to use tilt/swing and shift/rise & fall with the latest video technology cameras.

Panasonic GH4

Cambo has a 4/3rds mount available for the latest mirrorless cameras. We paid a visit today to Panasonic in Hall 3.2 , where Norbert Muller kindly let us test and shoot with the Cambo ACTUS and Panasonic GH4 camera.


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