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Many photographers are familiar with the renowned Netherlands photographic equipment manufacturer Cambo.  Known for their complete line of quality technical & view cameras, studio products and repro systems, they are also very well known for their line of gearheads.  The Cambo PCF & PCH gearheads are the most popular ones and the ones that I would like to discuss in this post.

So, you have your nice studio stand or a solid tripod and you are looking for a very solid, versatile tripod head.  Maybe you already have a good 3-way head or a traditional ball head and are looking for the same convenience of a ball head, but with more precision and repeatability that gearing would give you.  That is exactly where the Cambo PCF & PCH excel!

Both tripod heads give you complete control over the X, Y & Z axis.  But instead of unlocking a knob on a traditional ball head and then adjusting the camera by freehand, before locking it down again, these tripod heads are geared and lockable for each movement.  They also have detents every 90 degrees on each movement.

All the movements have locks, but they are also self-arresting, meaning the movements will not move on their own even when not locked down.

They both have multiple bubble levels on the bottom of the heads as well as on the top. This way you can not only adjust your tripod to have the head level in both directions, but you can also re-level the top of the head after you adjust the camera and ball head.  This way the top will be level for doing panoramas.

The only real difference between the two gear heads is that the PCH’s panorama movement is not geared.  You still have complete control of the panorama, but it is freehand.  The panorama on the PCF is geared and controlled by a separate knob.

They both also have a dovetail on the top and come with a quick-release 1/4”plate.  This dovetail will also directly hold a camera that has an ARCA-style plate like the Cambo Actus and WRS series of cameras.

Of course, these Cambo gearheads can be used with a wide variety of cameras up to approximately 9 lbs.  You can find all the Cambo tripod heads at this link.  As always, I am happy to discuss with you any of our professional photographic products.  As a certified FAA remote pilot, I am also happy to discuss any drone needs you might also have.

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