CAMBO | WRS- HV Lensplate

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There’s no denying that the quality and resolution of modern Rodenstock HR optics is the best choice for your technical camera. But what if you need a longer focal length? The Rodenstock lens lineup is great, but can sometimes be lacking when it comes to longer focal length options.

Cambo just introduced the new WRS – HV Adaptor which also allows you to mount legacy “V” lenses from the Hasselblad-500 series, in combination with the WRS series cameras. This not only opens up the ability for longer focal lengths, but also throws the door wide open for use with some of the best medium format optics ever produced. All while maintaining a smaller footprint due to not needing additional long helical focus mounts.

Please be aware that because of the design of this lens board, this combination will work with those digital backs that have a built-in electronic shutter (sensor activated electronic shutter) such as the PhaseOne IQ3-100 and the new IQ-4 series. The aperture of the lenses must be set manually, and the shutter needs to stay open during shooting. The WRS-HV does not have the ability to cock or fire the shutter in these lenses. The practical use of lenses may be limited to those that have enough image circle coverage for the effective use of medium format digital backs when using shifts. 

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