Cambo WRS Lens Rear Covers are Here!

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While that title is an awkward mouthful, there’s nothing awkward about the fact we have been waiting a long time for these and now our poatience has finally been rewarded.

From Cambo PR (with some edit notes below):

“The Cambo WRS-1100 is a new rear cover for lenses mounted for use with Cambo WRS cameras.”

  • Can also fit lenses that mount to the older WDS cameras

“This larger cover is more easily installed and removed than the smaller caps by Rodenstock.”

  • What they mean, is that some of the lenses have fairly deep recesses from the end of the lenspanel to the rear optic and getting your fingers in there to push on or pull off a lens cap isn’t always easy. With this covering the entire rear of the panel, the lens cap is no longer necessary. This also will do a better job of keeping dust from accumulating on the inside of the lenspanel, since the cap only covers the lens itself.

“Orders are starting now.”

Contact your CI Sales Person to order:

Steve Hendrix –

Chris Snipes –

Dave Gallagher –

Or you can submit this online form. Or call the number below.


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