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This month we are celebrating our longtime client Joe Wallace and his traveling exhibition about individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease. For the past several years, Joe has been working on his Portraits of Dementia project which humanizes people affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia and was recently featured in the Boston Globe.  

The Project

Subjects were photographed and interviewed individually or with a caregiver. Each portrait is paired with a second photograph from the subject’s youth and is presented with anecdotes or stories from the interview to use empathy as a means for connection and understanding. This challenges the audience to truly see the subjects, not just their diagnosis. Joe was trained as a writer and spent ten years in advertising before making the switch to storytelling through photography 15 years ago. Some of his clients include: Callaway Golf, GlaxoSmithKlein, Home Base, The Ritz Carlton, and SAP

Joe’s Photography Gear

Joe uses his Phase One IQ3 100 MP and a mix of Profoto gear to capture all of these beautiful portraits.

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