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Great clients creating great work

Last week was a great week for two of our clients, Jeffery Salter and Jose Villa!

Both Jose and Jeffery’s work were featured in two of the country’s top magazines, People and Sports Illustrated! We love to brag about how talented our clients are, and are committed to showcasing their success! Cheers to Jeffery and Jose for their outstanding photos, and know that the Capture Integration team is EXTREMELY PROUD of your stellar achievements!

Sports Illustrated December 2018 Magazine Cover shot by Jeffery Salter

New Orleans Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees, graced the cover of Sports Illustrated December 2018 issue. The intense Sports Illustrated Magazine cover featured Jeffery Salter’s signature shooting profile with his Phase One IQ260 digital system. Jeffery is known for his athletic portraits that captures the passion of every athlete that poses before him. Click here to see more of Jeffery’s work.

People Magazine Cover Shot by Jose Villa

Jose Villa is known as one of, if not the worlds best wedding photographer! His latest project captured the gorgeous wedding of Nick and Priyanka Jonas which took place in Jodhpur, India. Jose’s Phase One IQ250 images were featured in the December 17, 2018, Peoples Magazine Special Double issue! Click Here to View more of Jose Villa’s stellar work.

And who said that quality is dead?  We would argue that to be at the top of your game, you over deliver to your customers and provide the world with the highest quality imagery not just enough to satisfy them.  These two Capture Integration customers illustrate this every day.  Their work and their success speaks for itself.  And to top it off, they are both some of the nicest people on the planet!

Congratulations Jose and Jeffrey.  We are proud to call you our customers!

If you are one of our clients and have exciting successes to share please email us!

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