Capture One 23 (16.0.0) Released

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Capture One 23 (16.0.0) released yesterday, here are the release notes…

They added some stuff, fixed some stuff and more than likely, broke some stuff, so you know… have at it.*

*As always, download updates at your own risk to your professional workflow until sufficient time has passed to vet the safety and efficacy of the most recent changes.  -bk


!!! Capture One is NO LONGER SUPPORTING FIREWIRE TETHERING from Capture One 21 ver 14.2 and forward  !!!

Capture One is no longer supporting tethered capture for Leaf Aptus from Capture One 12.1 and forward.

FireWire Tethering is not supported with macOS 11 (Big Sur) and forward!!

Capture One 23 is Officially Supported in Mac OS :

Big Sur (11.6.1) | Monterey (12.2) | Ventura (13.0)

New since Capture One 22 (15.1.0) – Trial Activations Do Not require a license key!

Head directly over to to download and if unlicensed, get an activation key for your trial software. Because of this new behavior, we will no longer be hosting Capture One software installers on our download archive.

New since Capture One 20 – Digital Back (DB) Activations require a License Key,  now provided by Phase One support.

If you are a Phase One digital back owner and want to run Capture One for use with your IIQ files, Log in to your user account at PhaseOne, make sure your digital back has been registered in their system and then ‘Contact Support’ with a quick query for a license key and they will provide you with the free code necessary for Capture One access to your Phase One IIQ Raw files.

(Note: While the full functionality of Capture One can be leveraged on files captured by your Phase One digital back, this non-Pro version is not compatible with DNG, TIFF or PSD workflows in Capture One, including assembled Panoramic Stitch files created by Capture One 22.)

As the Capture Integration Tech Support Manager, I highly recommend that you always read the release notes of any new software platform that you install. With increases in speed and stability comes eliminations of slower computers or operating systems. Please do your due diligence to make sure your computer specifications are compatible with this new version.  – Brad Kaye

Download Capture One at


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