Capture One : Adding the Output Tool Tab back in v. 22

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Capture One

Adding the Capture One Output Tool Tab back in v. 22

Where did my output tool go?

I am not the type of user who updates their software the day the new version is released. I prefer to have my software rock solid stable with the features that are necessary over receiving a few new features that I might never need. Therefore I wait to learn about bugs well before I ever upgrade to any new versions. This is the case with my OS and all of my manufacturer’s software that I find integral to my everyday workflow.

One of the features that I have always loved about Capture One is the way it looks at my computer and file structure. By just pointing Capture One at my folders it automatically reads the image files inside of them. This eliminates the need of endless importing and exporting that is problematic like Lightroom. Sessions stay organized, images stay organized, and it just so much more efficient.

So you can understand why it would be so frustrating to upgrade my Capture One Pro only to find the Output Tool Tab completely removed from my workflow tool tab and replaced with Import and Export icons in my toolbar. This is just not acceptable. There was a outpouring of anger from digital techs all across the globe. Upgrades should add new tools and features but they should NEVER EVER EVER remove a feature that has been in a program since the software began. Needless to say I was not happy at that moment and there was no quick fix for a few months.

If you are like me and you wanted your Output Tool Tab back regardless of what some engineer in Denmark thinks, we convinced them to give it back to us! Yes it is missing as s default installation or upgrade, but just follow these steps to add the changed icon in your workflow tool tabs.

Step By Step : Adding The Output Tool Back

Capture One Output tab Tutorial Tip
Capture One Output tab Tutorial Tip
Capture One Output tab Tutorial Tip
Capture One Output tab Tutorial Tip
Capture One Output tab Tutorial Tip

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