Capture One Pro High Volume Studio Serious Technical Training – NYC

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Capture Integration cordially invites you to attend a very special Capture One Serious Technical Training Event exclusively for high volume production studios. 

Learn how Capture One can be optimized for your production environment to:

  • Customize Capture One’s interface for different use-case scenarios or environments
  • Improve file organization and efficiency during import or tethered capture
  • Utilize Capture One 9’s new features to easily edit difficult images and apply changes to multiple images
  • Ensure brand consistency from image to image
  • Optimize output procedures to maximize efficiency, color accuracy, and file organization.
  • Reduce potential problems and learn advanced troubleshooting techniques for Capture One

As an added bonus, Capture Integration will provide a live “sneak preview” of ShotFlow One, a new software platform integrated with Capture One Pro, offering automation and workflow capabilities for high volume product photography that no other commercial software tool offers:

  • Provides an integrated cloud-based platform for photo production management including sample tracking, talent management, shoot planning, etc.
  • Syncing an unlimited number of Capture One stations to that “single source of truth”, whether those stations are in-house, at external/contracted studios, or a combination of both
  • Each Capture One station now has a “live” digital Shot List that can be updated on the fly from the master database, ensuring the capture team is always working with the latest data
  • Notification of completed Shots from each Capture One station are immediately synced back to the master database to enable real time production visibility and monitoring
  • Automates file naming in Capture One, eliminating manual file name entry
  • Automatically embeds custom metadata in every image at the point of capture, so all the shots for Item A will have the custom fields to match your corporate schema (e.g. Dept, Class, Style, Color, etc.) and the unique values for that SKU, and all the shots for Item B will have their own unique values. When Capture One processes these files to TIFF, PSD, DNG, or JPEG, the metadata will be embedded in the file header, creating “smart assets” readable by any XMP aware software tool (including the full Adobe CS/CC Suite and all modern DAMs). This is a potential game-changer for producing product photo assets for eCommerce and other digital channels, as well as for communicating with downstream teams such as Retouching, since retouching notes entered at capture point will be embedded in the files and visible in Adobe Photoshop.

The training venue:

DATE/TIME: April 22, 2016, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

LOCATION: School of Visual Arts,133 West 21st Street, New York, NY

COST: $99 per person (lunch on your own) or $119 per person (includes a group lunch at Il Bastardo italian restaurant). For group rates on five or more attendees, please contact us!

WHAT TO BRING: You are welcome to bring your laptop with Capture One if you would like to follow along and practice the techniques

REGISTRATION LINK: Click here to register

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