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20% Off The PavoTube II 6C

Get Studio Quality Lighting with adjustable color temperature from 7500-2700K, green to magenta adjustment, a CRI of 98, and a TLCI of 95. The PavoTube II 6C packs studio-quality lighting into a travel friendly package.

Valid Until 1/15/2022

Free 10-Piece GOBO with the Purchase of a Forza 60/60B Projection Mount

Achieve complex and bold lighting effect with Nanlite’s complete optical system for the Forza 60 range. The Nanlite Forza 60/60B Projector Mount with 19 and 36 degrees lens increases the light output while still maintaining a smooth, even beam with minimal fall-off.

Valid Until 12/31/2021

20% Off RGBWW MixPanel & MixPads

Get Three LED light sources in one compact panel, with remarkable color perfection, power, and versatility.

Valid Until 1/15/2022

20% Off Desktop Kits

This 2-light kit creates lighting similar to what you get with high end lights mounted in large soft boxes but at the fraction of the size. The included desktop stands have space-saving weighted bases and extendable shafts and they’re perfect for live streaming, video call, vlogging and more.

Valid Until 1/16/2022

15% Off The Halo Series

  • Pro-Quality ring lights with high CRI and TLCI ratings
  • Bi-color and RGB models available
  • Powerful light output with 0 to 100% dimming
  • Travel case and phone mounts included
  • A range of sizes for various needs

Valid Until 11/30/2021

15% Off Forza 200 & 300

Forza 200

  • Compact & lightweight with bright output
  • @ 1 m with included reflector. 37540 lux (3487.5 fc)
  • Built in Bluetooth & 2.4G
  • Battery or AC power ready

Forza 300

  • Powerful output from a compact fixture
  • @ 1m with included reflector. 66300 lux (6159.4 fc)
  • DMX port, 98 CRI and 95 TLCI
  • Battery or AC power ready

Valid Until 1/15/2022

20% Off PavoTube 15C + 30C

  • Full creative control with dials controlling temperature, saturation, hue, and brightness.
  • Available in 2ft (15C) and 4ft (30C)
  • Includes 6 pre-programmed special effects
  • Battery or AC power ready

Valid Until 1/15/2022


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