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CI Clients Are Front Page News. Literally!

We are always delighted to see our clients doing newsworthy work, but picking up the paper to see David Agnello on the front page of the Jackson Hole Daily brings us a special type of joy. Agnello has been a client of CI for over a decade, so needless to say we will be cutting this article out and sticking it to the office fridge.

About David Agnello

Agnello started his career as a photographer in 1997 at age 27. His home base is in the mountain west’s Jackson Wyoming. He travels far and wide creating architectural and fine art work. If you know David, or even read his about section on his website, you’ll learn he loves photographing “roadside non-attractions” which is exactly what he was doing in his front page feature on the daily newspaper. Shooting his system from CI, a Phase One IQ3 100MP digital back and Cambo RS 1600 technical camera, he captures the Cowboy Coffee Co. drive-thru.

We dont yet have the images from this shoot, but click the button below or scroll down to see some of Agnelllo’s stunning work.

Some of Agnello’s Stunning Work

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