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Since Capture Integration’s beginning, over 15 years ago, we’ve had the privilege to do business with the accomplished still life photographer, Robert Tardio. Through the years we’ve had the opportunity to assist in evolving his photographic system, and see his captivating work featured in various notable places. Recently, we saw Tardio’s name pop up in Graphis Journal where he is a “Graphis Master” photographer. His featured interview speaks on his work philosophy, his greatest mentors, and most difficult challenges. It’s an understatement to say “It is well worth the read!”

About Robert Tardio


Raised in the outskirts of Washington D.C., Tardio studied art history, photography, and film, and received his BA with honors in fine arts. He moved to New York City to pursue work as a photographer and opened his New York studio in 1987. He works on advertising, editorial, and design assignments, and has received numerous awards in recognition of his creative efforts including a Clio and an MPA Kelly award. He has also been recognized by numerous publications, including Print magazine, Communication ArtsArt Direction, Graphis books and journals, PDN/Nikon, and the APA Awards book.

Tardio’s photography masterfully captures subjects with brilliant attention to lighting, color, and composition, and his still lifes display remarkable technical competency, turning simple objects, including cosmetics, household items, and more, into works of art. As Abbe Novack, senior producer at BOSE, one of Tardio’s high profile clients, says, “His brilliant creative mind, coupled with his humble, egoless soul, makes him the rarest of rare talent. He has an inherent ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

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