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How well do you take care of your digital investment?

Do have tens of thousands of dollars invested in your tools and want to protect them to the best of you ability?

Do you upgrade your equipment to the newest technology and want the most for your trade in value?

These have always been concerns for us at CI and for our customers.  Last October we started the process of building a database of laser cut templates for every single medium format product that we rent and sell.   We began with the Phase One line from DF+ all the way through the XF system and new blue line lenses.  We then continued with Hasselblad digital systems and lenses.   We are finally at a point to be able to ofter these templates to our customers.

We have meticulously measured, uploaded, tested, and retested the specific sizes and shapes needed to protect and transport your MF camera systems. Our team has carefully measured each camera, lens, back, battery, cable, and other key accessories. These measurements have then been translated to grids and cut into demo pieces of foam.

We then tested the cut-aways with the actual gear. If the fit was not precise CI sent back the cut-aways for adaptation with notes, often taking three to four rounds before we feel the fit was right. Before we adopted a template, there were no less than five to six rounds of testing and revisions for each shape. For each template, we often had three to four test samples before adopting a layout.

In addition to the correct size and shape for each piece of your MF camera system, CI has also identified the ideal finger-notch locations to ensure that during placement and removal of your bodies, lenses, and accessories there is no undue strain on your equipment. The testing and revisions to the placement of these finger notches means additional shape and template trials before adopting our final design.

Our owner absolutely detests  pick-and-pluck inserts.  PE Foam offers a greater protection for your investment. We design each template to ensure the greatest impact protection in the layout and placement of each piece of equipment. You may be able to “get more gear” in a case,  however, providing the proper amount of foam padding in each direction dictates how we arrive at our final design.

We now use these templates to protect all of our CI rental gear. This equipment travels through FedEx and UPS air and ground packaging and transport. Our equipment arrives and is returned safely every day, from CI Rental clients all over the world.

We have provided premade templates for two case designs, The Phase One Value Added Case and the Phase One UK Hard Case. The Phase One Value Added Case is a weather and waterproof suitcase with inline wheels and a telescoping handle. The Phase One UK Hard Case is no longer in production, but is already in the hands of many MF photographers. Our custom PE foam templates provide the best protection for transporting or shipping your investment.

Phase One Value Added Case – Premade Templates are available in two configurations for $160

XF Kit + Two Lenses | Product #VA-XF-2L | $160
DF+ Kit + Two Lenses | Product #VA-DF-2L | $160

Phase One UK Hard Case – Premade Templates are available in five configurations for $90

XF, Digital Back and One Lens | Product #UK716-XF | $90
DF+ Kit and One Lens | Product #UK716-DF-KIT-1 | $90
DF+ Kit and Accessories | Product #UK716-DF-KIT-AC | $90
DF+, Digital Back and One Lens | Product #UK716-DF-1 | $90
DF+, Digtial Back and Accessories | Product #UK716-DF-AC | $90

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