Determining the Shot Count on a Leica M

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For our Mac users, here is a quick tip for determining the shot count (actuations) on a Leica M camera.

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On a Mac, navigate to the most recent image taken with the Leica M camera using the Finder.
Right Click (or hold down Control + click) on the image and choose Open With > Preview.
Open the Inspector by clicking on the Tools menu > Show Inspector or with the keyboard shortcut Command + I.
Click on the Information tab in the Inspector, then click on the EXIF tab. Locate the Unique Image ID (you may need to enlarge the window to see the full ID).
Open the Calculator app on your computer, and change to Programmer mode by clicking on the View menu > Programmer or using the keyboard shortcut Command + 3.
Verify the 16 button is selected in the top right of the calculator, then enter in the Image ID. You do not need to enter all of the zeros, but make sure you enter everything to the right of the first non-zero digit. For example, 000000010000 would be 10000. In this case, we enter just 22D6A.
Click on the 10 button next to the 16 button you selected earlier. This converts the hexadecimal value into decimal form, giving us the shot count of the Leica M.

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